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So, inspiration is certainly running hot on "It's not over".

There is one slight hiccup though - my desktop died on Monday morning, and it contains all my files! Fortunately, it was only the power supply (and some serious dust!), and I should have it back tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've been at work and on my laptop. However, I kept getting all these great ideas . . .

Now, I had a bit of a setback recently after a burglary, which had me thoroughly freaked for a while (and thank you baby, for being there for me ). However, all things come with a silver lining, and this is one of them.

See, I had an old pocket organiser, which was actually state of the art when I got it, with a whopping 4MB of memory! -laughs- And of course, it was in my handbag, which was stolen in the break in. My insurance company went out for quotes to replace it, and of course no one makes it, or anything like it, anymore. So my "new for old" policy got me a brand new PDA.

The only thing it won't do is make me coffee! It's internet-enabed, so I can check emails and chat on the go (so long as I can find a friendly wireless network or wi-fi link ), and with a 2GB storage card, it will even act as my music player, saving me from having to buy a new MP3 player to replace the one that was stolen!

So, on the train the other morning, immersed in my massive playlist, I started to get all these great ideas . . . So I called up the memo program on my PDA, while my music played on, and jotted them down. How cool is that?

Then my brain refused to let things rest while I was at work. I had my own little inner monologue going on - "No, I will not write at work. Damnit, will you stop writing scenes for me??"

Anyway, yesterday, I was catching up on my TV and yes, that including some wrestling. Man, that match Jeff and Chris Jericho had on the Wrestlemania rematch edition of Raw seriously rocked!

I'm a little sad that Jeffy lost the Intercontinental Title, but I'm sure it won't be long before he's in contention for another one. Money in the bank ladder match, anyone?

I'm seriously considering ordering the PPV for Wrestlemania. There's going to be some great matches, although the possibility that they'll end 'Taker's winning streak has me in two minds about seeing it.

I saw the 15-0 special they did, and damn, the guy really has done it all and done it so well. And he's in brilliant shape for someone who's been wrestling as long as he has - you just have to compare some of his recent matches with what they showed on that special to see that.

Anyway, since my brain will not let me rest on "It's not over", and my playlist is conspiring with it and my cable TV to keep that inspiration going, I best get back to writing!

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