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Now, about that update!

So yes, update . . . I saw my surgeon three weeks ago, when I was just a tad over four months post-op.  I've lost an astonishing 20% of my body weight in that time, which is 40% of the excess weight I've been carrying!  Go me!

I'm delighted personally with how I've been doing, but he's so pleased with my progress that he's asked me to come with him as a patient case when he presents to a conference of general practitioners later this year.  His topic is the use of gastric banding in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. 

And he likes me as a subject because I sent him the picture my co-worker did, showing the before and still shrinking side by side - he had that picture on his desktop for a month, showing it to patients!  Plus I've now been able to toss my diabetes medications away and be well controlled just through diet and exercise.

Yes, exercise - I am absolutely loving the exercise!  Who'da thunk that was possible?  The next step is to see an exercise physiologist to get a program for strengthening and toning the muscles.  Hell, I may even actually use that pilates exercise DVD I bought a few years ago!

The other thing my surgeon mentioned was plastic surgery, when I've lost more of the excess weight, to remove any sagging skin.  And just maybe, I might be looking at a breast augmentation - that's right, sadly I am losing my boobies!  Mind you, I still have enough to fill out a push up bra nicely, if the looks I was getting out today were anything to go by! ;-)

Which brings me to the next part of the update . . . holy shit, am I loving getting compliments!  My GP was positively effusive when I saw her yesterday, and the girls at her office were similarly sweet about telling me I looked good.

Now, I haven't changed my hairstyle in maybe 12 months, except for the wonderful (and expensive!) foils in two colours of blonde I had put through it in November.  I have got new glasses, to replace the ones I lost in Canada - and I did go for cute as hell frameless ones, with diamantes on the arms.  And I've started wearing make up again - oh, that's a funny story!

While we were in Canada, I did wear make up a few times, mostly to go visit older relatives.  You know, make a good impression, that kind of thing.  Now, I'll admit, I was probably out of practice with it, but well, there's being out of practice and "holy shit, I have a new face!"!!

All those tricks to fake cheekbones - I no longer have to do!  I have cheekbones - very nice ones actually!  So I can now apply blush on my cheekbones, rather than under them!  And whoa, eyes that actually look great with shadow and long lashes!

Anyway, that, plus the new clothes I bought in Canada, and all the gorgeous new jewelry I've gotten from dangerpuddle</lj>  and her delightful Etsy store means I'm getting compliments all over the place! 

The funny thing is when they come from colleagues, who see me all the time but don't actually know about the weight loss surgery.  They think it's all because I've got a new haircut, or the new glasses.  As one said last week, "You're just looking gorgie" (that's Aussie slang for gorgeous - he's gay, but adorable anyway!)

But even more fun is having male clerks and even random guys in the street do the once over with the eyes and then give me a smile.  That is so damn fine for the ego!

I did visit a clothes store today, and had the other thing I have to brag about happen.  Now, this is a plus size store, and it was once the only place I could get clothes.  I did buy lots of blouses in Canada, and the skirts I've altered with elastic waists are still fine (although all the elastic needs to be tightened!) but the shorts I once wore in summer have gone from "too tight to wear" to "falling off me" and so I wanted to see if there was anything to get me through the rest of summer.

Well, they were already into the fall line, which sucked, but there was a clearance rack.  And I picked up a cute pair of shorts and a little Boho blouse (because I do love me my Boho).  And then I browsed the summer stock they still had - I wanted a pair of pedal pushers, as my lovely white ones are now, yes, falling off my hips! 

I tried on a pair of hipster ones - these are now 4 sizes smaller than what I wore pre-surgery!  And they're cute!!  And they also showed me just how much smaller my tummy is getting - I can live with that!

I lashed out on a second pair of pedal pushers, because I can wear them to work, and then hubby brought me in a denim vest to try on.  And the first one was the 4 sizes smaller than before, but then he came back with one 5 sizes smaller and said, "Actually, I think that one will fit."

And not only did it fit, but holy crap - fitted denim vest (I think it has some spandex in it) makes me look even smaller!

My one disappointment was a cute skirt on the clearance rack - because it was too big!!!  A hipster skirt that was falling off my hips - yep, definitely now five sizes smaller than before!

And how cool is it to have to turn something down because it's too big?? 

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