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Fanfiction work in progress - Fireworks (part 33/?)

Features: Undertaker (Mark Calaway)
Rating: NC17 for language and sexual situations Usual disclaimer - own nothing but my original characters, all the other people own themselves, WWE owns the trademark names, I'm doing this to exercise my creativity and for the sheer pleasure of writing. Ask my therapist!

Thanks for reading and remember - feedback is love . . . /end obligatory attention whoring!




Harley and Bob hammered out a lot of the details for the Pay Per View on the flight to Minneapolis, and her planner was crammed with notes and reminders for the time she'd be working in Florida with the second crew. They'd agreed to do some trading between the crews to give her a few more senior people, which gave her a measure of confidence she'd perhaps been lacking.

Likewise, they'd gone through the inferno match manual again, and she was now feeling much more familiar with what had to be done, which again gave her greater confidence.

As they were collecting their luggage, Mark approached them and lay his arm around Harley's shoulders.

"You weren't gonna try liftin' that, were you?"

She looked up at him with a chuckle. "As it happens, no, I wasn't."

"Okay, just makin' sure," he grinned. "You want I should get it for you?"

Her grin mirrored his. "Oh, I see your game - gonna offer to take it to my room for me too?"

"Maybe. If you're lucky," he chuckled.

"Guess I'm fresh out of luck then," she winked. "Because Bob and I still have work to do."

He didn't bother to hide his disappointment, and she burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" he demanded, even though her amusement was infectious, and he could feel a grin tugging at the corners of his mouth.

"You! I've never seen a man close to seven feet tall pouting before!"

That did it. He turned quickly, wrapping both arms around her as he bent his head to kiss her. Soundly. Thoroughly. Comprehensively, even. She stopped resisting him and became an enthusiastic participant almost immediately. At some point, her arms went up around his neck, and her body pressed close to his, which only encouraged him to hold her tighter and keep kissing her. Not a great hardship.


Slowly, they broke the kiss, both looking around to see Bob Threadgood watching them, eyebrows raised.

Mark chuckled, but he didn't let Harley go, and he was pleased when her only reaction was to slide her hands down from around his neck and leave them resting on his chest. Bob chuckled, then tapped his watch.

"Hate to be the one to break up the party, but we do have work to do, Harley."

She was the one pouting then, though Mark was fairly sure she didn't even know she was doing it. He bent his head to kiss those prettily pouting lips gently.

"I'll see you tonight, Kate."

Her hand came up to caress his face, and she smiled at him. "Count on it, Mark."

As he watched her leave with Bob, who had retrieved her case for her, he had to admit he was a little relieved she had to work. After that kiss, had they been going back to the hotel together, he doubted it would have been long before they found themselves in hot water again. As it was, he was going to find it hard to concentrate on the appearance he was making that afternoon.


Harley and Bob had finished work a little while earlier, and Harley had gone out for a walk to clear her head. She wasn't out for long, as the temperature had dropped even further. She was just coming back to the hotel, shivering at the cold, when she met John Cena, who gave her a boyish grin and invited her to the poker game that was being held that night at the hotel. When she hesitated, he told her that he'd already invited Mark, or 'Taker as he called him. She nodded and said she wanted to check with Mark first on what he had in mind for the evening.

That was the answer John seemed to be expecting, and he gave her a wave before heading off, and she continued on to the elevators, her hands in her coat pockets, still thinking about what she and Bob had been discussing.

She hadn't been in her room long before there was a knock at the door, and she opened it to Mark, who smiled at her.

"All done with work?" he asked.

She nodded, stepping back to let him in. "Yep. Come on in, chief."

He came into the room, waiting until she had closed the door before pulling her into his arms, bending to kiss her. She had to admit, as her arms went up around his neck and she returned his kiss eagerly, she did rather like the way he typically greeted her like this. Then she stopped thinking at all, pressing closer to him as his arms tightened around her and the kiss deepened.

Mark was more than a little bemused as the kiss finally ended - how the hell was it that she could have this effect on him? He hadn't done anything more than just kiss her, and already he was burning to drag her into bed with him and, more importantly, never let her leave it. Of course, the way she kissed might well have a factor in that. Then again, part of that urge, the 'never let her leave' part mostly, wasn't just about sex. It was about wanting to just be with her. Who would have ever have thought that was likely, he wondered as he smiled at her, his hand moving to brush over her hair.

Harley was likewise a bit dazed as she nuzzled her head to Mark's gentle touch. She could certainly understand the way her hormones were currently going crazy - the man could make one kiss a full-out assault on the senses. God only knew what it would be like when they finally did make it into bed together! But aside from that, she found herself craving his company. It felt good being with him - the mix of their unlikely friendship, after such a rocky start, and the attraction she felt for him was unlike anything she'd ever experienced, and the one thing she knew for certain was that she wanted it to continue.

Rather belatedly, she realized that they were still standing just inside the door of her room. She smiled up at him. "You want to sit?"

"Seein' as how the bed keeps getting us into trouble, yeah, sitting might be good," he chuckled.

They sat down together, and Mark lay his arm along the back of the sofa as she sat beside him. As they talked, his fingers toyed with her hair - she had renewed those hot pink streaks, which pleased him, since he'd grown so oddly fond of them. She sat sideways, so she could look at him.

"What do you want to do this evening, Kate?" he asked.

It was on the tip of her tongue to say "You". Damn hormones. Perhaps sitting this way was a mistake. Her eyes kept stealing away to a rather rapt contemplation of his body, no matter how many times she dragged them back to his face. Of course, his face was just as dangerous to look at. If she wasn't staring at his lips and thinking about how deliciously he kissed her, there was his hair. Damn it, how dare a man his age have hair sexier than a rock star's?

And those eyes. For all the times they had fixed on her so coldly, now they regarded her completely differently. She loved that feeling he could cause in the pit of her stomach just by looking at her, as his eyes darkened with desire. She gave a tiny shiver even thinking about it, and hoped her voice wouldn't betray those feelings.

"Maybe start with dinner?" she suggested. Dinner was safe - no room service though. Out in public. Even safer that way.

"And after dinner?" His voice dropped into a low, caressing tone, and his fingertips brushed over her shoulder lightly.

She bit down on a whimper. Looked like his ideas about what he really wanted to do were along the same lines as her original thought. She tried for a light tone. "Isn't that usually dessert?"

He shifted closer to her. "I know what I'd like to have for dessert."

Oh, there it was - that feeling in the pit of her stomach. The one that made her weak at the knees. His eyes locked to hers, and she watched breathlessly as they darkened even more. She leaned into him almost imperceptibly, lost in those eyes. His arm moved from the back of the sofa and he slowly wrapped it around her waist, pulling her closer. Her head arched back as he bent to her, and their lips met.

No matter how hard either of them tried to keep that kiss light, almost the instant their lips met, it was deepening. Harley's head tilted and Mark's mouth slanted against hers as he teased at her lips with his tongue. She parted them and drew his tongue deep into her mouth, her hands coming up to tangle in his hair and pull him down to her.

His reaction was to wrap both arms around her, pulling her into his side. But it wasn't enough - she needed to be closer to him. Without breaking the kiss, she rose to her knees on the sofa and shifted so she was straddling his lap. Her arms wrapped around his neck, her hands still clutching at his hair as their lips locked in a kiss that grew even more passionate.

The feel of her body against his made him gasp into the kiss and pull her closer. His jeans began to feel snug as his body responded to hers in what was becoming a predictable manner.

Harley whimpered softly against his lips. God, she couldn't get enough of his body - feeling his arms around her, being held against his broad chest, against the warmth of him. She plastered herself to him, feeling the bulge growing in his jeans, which caused another whimper as she rocked her hips to his, grinding herself lightly against it.

Mark couldn't help but moan as her hips moved. His hands slid down her back to those hips and held them firmly as he thrust his own up, his lips leaving hers to nuzzle behind her ear, whispering hoarsely, "Kate, you keep this up and I'm gonna shoot in my jeans like a kid."

Harley's fingers were still wound in his hair, and she now caressed the back of his neck, her hips still rocking to his even as she whispered, "I think I'll be coming right behind you, Mark. Damn, you feel so good!"

His response to that was a low growl as his hands clutched her hips more firmly, thrusting up harder against her. She gasped and took his face in her hands, kissing him deeply as her hips ground against his.

It was with a real effort that he stilled the movement of his hips, his grip on hers loosening. He lifted one hand up to cup the back of her head, stroking her hair as he took control of the kiss, softening it, murmuring against her lips, "Easy, sweetheart."

She took a deep, if slightly shaky, breath, and then another one. He continued to stroke her hair, taking the opportunity to try to slow his own racing heart. She dropped her head, her forehead resting against his shoulder.

When she finally spoke, her voice was slightly muffled. "So much for sitting."

He chuckled. "You noticed, huh?"

She shifted a little on his lap so she wasn't plastered to him any more and lay her head on his shoulder. "Was kind of hard to miss. What with the heavy petting and all."

His arms were around her loosely now, hands clasped over one hip. "Sorry about that, sweetheart."

It was her turn to chuckle. "I think I should be the one apologizing - seems like I started it."

"I don't exactly recall trying to stop it," he admitted.

"That's the trouble," she gave a little sigh. "We both want it, which is why this keeps happening."

"Won't deny that, Kate," he nuzzled his cheek to hers gently. "What do you think we should do about it? Tonight, at least."

"John said they were going to get a poker game going." Her hand rested lightly against his chest.

Poker was the last thing on his mind, but maybe she had a point. Certainly, if they stayed here, this was just going to happen again. "Dinner and then poker. Sounds like a plan."

Harley expected that they would go to the hotel restaurant for dinner, but Mark had other ideas.

"We'll be in the restaurant tomorrow morning for breakfast. Come on, Kate - let's make a date out of it," he smiled.

"Out in public? Won't that, like, create a riot or something?"

They'd been out to dinner before, but as friends. As a couple? That hadn't ever happened for her before - what relationships she had been in had been strictly on the quiet. Late night assignations in hotel bars, and sneaking into hotel rooms. I mean, God forbid someone should find out that a member of a roster was sleeping with a lowly crew peon.

But then, she had no basis for that assumption - after all, Matt and Amy were dating openly, and no one seemed to be bothered by that. Of course, that was also an on-air thing. Mark's on-air persona was definitely not a relationship kinda guy. Still, he wasn't shy about showing his feelings to her in public so far. It was a nice change, she had to admit.

He chuckled, his arms still loosely around her. "Well, if you were gonna advertise where we were going as a public event, yeah, there might end up being a crowd. But just the two of us? Nah, we'll be cool."

She wound her arms around his neck, smiling at him. "And are we just gonna wander the streets until we find someplace to eat? Cos I gotta tell you - baby, it's cold outside!"

"I know a place," he said, lifting a hand to brush her bangs from her eyes with one finger.

It was on the tip of her tongue to question that blithe statement, but then she thought better of it. Didn't she know restaurants and bars in places all over the world, as a result of the various tours she'd been a part of? And Mark had to have been travelling at least as long as she had, if he'd been champion in 1991.

Besides, she was learning that she could trust him. Which came as something of a surprise. It wasn't too long ago that, if he'd said the sky was blue, she'd have disputed the fact. Thank God she'd managed to get her head on straight and stop being so damn childish around him.

He broke into her musings with the softest kiss. "You need some time to get ready, Kate?"

She smiled. "Well, if we're making a date of it, I'd kinda like to change my shirt and freshen up.'

He shifted her gently from his lap, smiling back. "Meet you in the lobby in fifteen? Or do you need more time?"

"Fifteen minutes will be fine," she said, rising to her feet.

He stood up with her, and leaned in to hug her close. "See you then, Kate."

Her arms went around his waist and she sighed softly as she nuzzled her cheek to his chest for a moment. "Okay, Mark."

Once he had left, she headed for her case. She hadn't been kidding about the temperature outside, so she decided to wear a sweater to dinner. She smiled as her fingers brushed over one in soft peach cotton, and she stripped off her workshirt and the t-shirt she'd worn under it. About to slip the sweater on, she remembered at the last moment that the wide neckline meant wearing a strapless bra.

Fortunately, she had come prepared and dug one out of her case and put it on, and then pulled on the sweater, adjusting the neckline as she looked in the mirror. The shade flattered her colouring, and the bra gave her a little added attraction cleavage-wise. It was perfect for an evening of poker, she thought with a grin. Nothing could beat having an unfair advantage over the guys, after all!

She replaced her workboots with her favourite Western style slouch boots and she was ready. Not one usually to fuss overly much with her appearance, she did however take a moment to apply some mascara and lip gloss, and to pull a brush through her hair - this was a date, after all. Grabbing her coat, which still held her wallet and phone, she picked up her keycard and headed for the elevator.

She was buttoning her shearling coat as she walked across the lobby, where Mark was waiting. He stood up as she approached, dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, his hair pulled back in a ponytail and covered with a bandana. He smiled at her, and for a tiny moment, she felt her heart skip a beat. All man, definitely.

His eyes swept over her and he smiled, stepping closer to wrap his arm around her shoulder, leaning down to kiss her temple. "You look gorgeous, Kate."

She felt her cheeks grow warm as she blushed at the compliment. "Thanks, Mark. You look pretty damned terrific yourself." Her hand brushed over his jacket. "I love the leather. It's such a good look for you."

Laughter sounded from behind them, and they turned to see Glenn grinning at them both. "Aw, don't you two kids look cute together? Hey, Phil, you got a camera? We should get a picture before they go on their big date,"

Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk to most people, held his hands up, chuckling. "Hey, don't look at me! I'm just on my way to get some sushi."

Trish Stratus appeared from behind Glenn, giving Mark and Harley her usual brilliant smile. "Glenn's right - you do look good. I love that coat, Harley," she said, casting admiring eyes over the honey coloured brushed leather and the creamy fleece on the turned back cuffs and collar.

Mark shook his head at Glenn, all the while keeping Harley close to his side. He wasn't sure if those intimacy issues might extend to this kind of good natured kidding, but he wasn't about to take any chances. To his delight, though, she proved to be made of sterner stuff. She cuddled into his side, her hand still resting on his jacket - neither of which he was going to complain about.

She spoke to Trish first. "Thanks. It's clocked a lot of miles, this coat, but it's still my favourite." Then she turned her attention to Glenn. "You're just jealous because I threw you over for this gorgeous hunk of manflesh, Red."

Glenn threw back his head and laughed, while Mark's grin just grew wider, and possibly more shit-eating. 'Gorgeous hunk of manflesh'? Oh yeah, he could cope with that.

He leaned down to kiss the top of Harley's head and then turned to their colleages. "If you'll excuse us - I promised to take Kate out to dinner. And I try never to break a promise to my woman."

Harley chuckled, her arm around Mark's waist. "Like you'd live long if you did, chief!"

Given their previously, and very well-known, stormy past, that caused general laughter, and amidst it, Mark led Harley out of the lobby.


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