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Well, the promised snow storm has eventuated, and on the first day of real winter (as counted by the phases of the moon, which is how they do it here in North America).

We're supposed to get 15 to 20 cm, and since it's been snowing fairly steadily since around 9.00am, I'd say that's gonna be more than possible!

It's about minus 11 degrees Celcius, not accounting for wind chill, and in the brief period that I had the door open to take some pictures and video, damn yes, it's cold!

But here's to a lovely white Christmas! 

Yesterday, I was wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas carols on tv, and looking out at the snowy backyard.  Now, those of you who live in North America probably don't think that's a big deal, but to us Aussies - well, our Christmas falls in summer time down under, so wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music ideally happens in air conditioning, or in front of fans. 

And the whole "white Christmas" thing?  Never really understood that.  However, now I get it!  Those Christmas carols make sense now!

Having made a visit to WalMart the other afternoon, just before the snow flurries started, I also had another revelation.  We were walking into the wind, across the carpark.  I swear, there was nothing between me and the North Pole but the occasional polar bear!

There's a scene in my favourite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, where they're going out to get the Christmas tree, and Clark is enthusing over the tree, and he's asking the daughter what she thinks.  There's no answer, and Ellen replies, "She'll see it later, Clark.  Her eyes are frozen."

I totally get that now!  I swear, I had to pull my scarf up over my nose and mouth, because the air was too cold to breathe.  And now I get "wind chill" - which is those extra degrees of cold that affect nothing but human skin.  Because the only part of me that was exposed to it, i.e. my forehead, felt fuckin' frozen!

But it's also way beautiful, and just to prove it, here's a little video from around 11am this morning:

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