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Santa baby . . .

Well, let's see what's happened since I last updated.

I've been out in the snow lots more, and it's fun!! Not to mention pretty - I was walking home from the bus on Sunday night just as it started snowing again, and it was breathtaking, seeing it fall in the street lights.

That's when I also got hit with my first snowball, courtesy of my brother in law, who's a big kid at heart. As one of my friends in the States says, it's the one time you can say that you took a load of white stuff in the face and have it not be obscene!

I can also say that my ass is no longer a virgin . . . -snickering- That cracked my BIL up! Oh get your minds out of the gutter! I mean that I have fallen on my ass in the snow . . . twice actually.

I felt bad about that, until I saw a couple of Canucks do the same thing . . . then I didn't feel so stupid! Snow's actually soft to fall on, to my relief. It's wet though - and cold!

Christmas shopping is almost done, including the Aussie contingent. In fact, we've bought almost everything we intended to on this trip. We're making a trip to WalMart and Costco tomorrow, and that should just about finish it. God, do I love shopping here - everything is so cheap, compared to back home!

The one thing I've not managed to get yet is any WWE DVDs - maybe Costco will be better for that tomorrow. If i don't get any, it won't kill me (much!) but I did kind of have my heart set on the new Kane DVD set. Might have to persuade hubby to let me buy it somewhere full price -gasp!-

Tonight, we're relaxing at home, listening to my FIL's music (some of which is pretty good, and some is just dreadful!) with the fire going while it's snowing outside. We went to a local restaurant for dinner, and the Christmas lights coming back were great - that's one thing people here do soooooo well!

I love Christmas lights, and they look so great reflecting off snow. People go all out, and it's soo beautiful. I took some very wobbly video from the car one night, but I may have to take a walk around the neighbourhood one night and get some pictures.

But for now, I'll leave you with a shot I took the other night as the sun was going down. It was breathtaking!

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