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Baby, it's cold outside!

Well, the promised snow did eventuate last night - I spent fifteen minutes staring out the kitchen window, watching the snowflakes and feeling very zen.  It's . . . compelling.  And beautiful.

I have also seen squirrels!  I thought they'd be hibernating, but on the way to Ontario on Saturday afternoon, even before we'd left the West Island, I saw two in the neighbourhood!  I was beside myself with excitement, which amused the in-laws.  Apparently there are also chipmunks - man, if I see them, my life will be complete!

But yesterday afternoon, I saw two squirrels in the neighbour's yard - they had tossed some bread out onto the snowy lawn, and these two squirrels were chowing down.  Then I saw one run up and then down a tree - they are so damned adorable!

Had a big family dinner here last night, with hubby's brother and his partner and their kids, and his sister and her baby.  House full of fun and laughter, FTW! 

FIL and BIL were ducking out for smokes on the front porch, and called me to come out to "experience" the weather a couple of times.  Motherfuck, but it was cold!!!  Snowy and so so so cold.

This morning was freakin' icy - because it was minus 19 degrees.  With the wind chill factor, that went down to minus 30.  Minus fuckin' 30!  It was 30 in Australia when we left - that's just mindblowing!

I have not ventured outside yet today - may be going shopping this afternoon, but I'll be in boots and winter jacket and scarf and touk and two pairs of gloves if we do!

It's the perfect kind of day for curling up in front of the fire with a nice warm 'Taker.  Or Kane, perhaps.  I'd say Jeff, but I think 'Taker and Kane would keep a girl warmer! ;-)

Failing that, I have the fire, and I have fics that are begging to be worked on - that will have to do, I guess!

And later tonight, RAW and Slammys!
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