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It snowed!

Well, hello again from Montreal, where it's a balmy minus 1 because oh my god, it snowed!


This is the view from the kitchen window, and it makes me squee!  My in-laws are amused, because they feel like this isn't even really snow yet, but to me it's my first ever real snow!

The forecast for today is more snow, up to 5 cms.  And tomorrow it's supposed to be minus 10 (celsius).

We ventured out yesterday, on foot and bus, to go shopping.  And man was it cold!  I have a gorgeous winter coat to use, stuffed with down and with a hood trimmed with fur.  The first night, I couldn't believe that I would ever need it, because I wasn't cold, but yesterday I really appreciated it! 

I also have cute blue boots, and I'll be wearing them the next time we go out, because even through the soles of my shoes and two pairs of socks, I could feel the cold in the ground.  Also need new gloves, because my hands froze in the ones I brought from Australia. 

Shopping here is dangerous - the prices are so much cheaper than in Australia, and it's hard not to go nuts..  Particularly with clothes - I went to a store that specialises in plus size clothing, because I'm still in plus sizes (though only just!) and got a fantastic denim jacket on sale, and the cutest dark pink blouse.  Needed it, because even though I tried on my clothes before I packed them, the blouse I put on yesterday was falling off my shoulders so it's pretty much unwearable!

Which is great, but it does mean that the blouse I planned to wear with my good suit to the Christmas concert with the Montreal Symphony next week is likewise going to be too big.  In fact the suit is bordering on too big, but it's at least wearable for this vacation.  The new blouse is utterly adorable - it's fitted, which is something I never would have even considered before, and it looks so cute on me, I was astounded.  Plus it's something I can wear in Australia.  I'll be hard pressed not to go back to that store and go nuts, because they have all their summer and fall stock on sale!  I have to keep reminding myself that I'm losing weight and it's not worth buying all these new clothes!

Hubby is also going berserk with computer games and stuff - he'll have to be reigned in soon, though.  And reminded that it doesn't all have to be bought in the first day we go out - he was insistent yesterday on getting a joystick for his computer at home, so after a full day of shopping in a mall, we trucked outside in the cold with the sun going down to walk to another centre, to get this damn joystick.

And that pretty much finished me - I'm not used to the cold, plus we were lugging all our shopping, and he's insisting we have to walk fast to cross roads and such.  By the time we got his joystick, I was pretty much dead on my feet.  He just didn't realise, or didn't think, that we could have left buying that til our last week here - it's not like he needs it here, after all.  And that I'm not taking in the calories that most people do in cold climates to give them enough energy to walk in extreme cold wearing a heavy coat for ages.

So now he's re-thinking all the things he wanted to do to be more mindful of the limitations I have.  He wanted to spend a day tramping all over Mont Royal, which is ambitious at the best of times but was woefully unrealistic in winter anyway.  He's viewing all these things through very rose coloured glasses with ten years of distance, which isn't the best combination.

Apart from that, it's a pretty good trip - his folks are great, and I've enjoyed meeting his family and visiting with them.  A lot of the conversation goes over my head, because they speak a lot of French, being Quebecois, but that's okay.  I know a tiny bit of French, and can puzzle it out if it's written.  My father in law is kind of cute, teaching me some French as he goes, but I doubt I'll be speaking it anytime soon!  The shopping mall was an experience, with the signs mostly in French, but I did okay.

The family has satellite TV and it's in HD, but I suspect I'll be watching the wrestling online because they aren't big fans.  Watching ice hockey in French is an interesting experience, let me tell you!

Oh, and colour me a happy fan brat - I picked up the latest WWE magazine, plus two other wrestling mags, for a little over the price I'd pay for one in Australia.  And one of them has like a fifteen page special on the Undertaker - ohhhh yeah, porn for me! ;-)

Today's gonna be a lazy day at home, so I can read some of the magazines, do a little online shopping -winks at dangerpuddle - and maybe even get  a bit of writing done, since my imagination has been working busily on that for me!

So this is your (even more) foreign correspondent signing off - au revoir, mes amis!
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