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Super quick update!

Hello everyone - or perhaps that should be bonjour!

We made it to Montreal in one piece, although the trip was . . . interesting, to say the least.  We technically had two hours in both Sydney and Vancouver as stop overs - ha!  Barely enough time to make it from one plane to the next, both times.

So sorry, dangerpuddle I didn't get a chance to stand and salaam in your general direction while in Vancouver!  I did wavve to you from the plane as we left though - did you see me? ;-)

We arrived in Montreal right on tiime, if incredibly tired.  Unfortunately, our luggage did not.  We got word in Vancouver that one of our suitcases didn''t make it out of Sydney - how that happened, I have no idea, as all three bags were checked in together. 

In Montreal, it was even better - none of the bags arrived with us.  Had to make do with what we had in our carry on luggage overnight before the remaining bags were delivered the following morning.  The final bag hopefully will be delivered today . . .

I lost my glasses on one flight, and have been distance blind as a result.  Fortunately I can see well enough to be on the computer ;-)

With a bit of luck, I may be around for Smackdown tonight, but failing that, I should be able to check in with LJ and messages a bt more regularly now, seeing as I've found a wireless network to use!

And now - off to shower and dress for an outing to Ontario for the day - in a brisk below freezing day!  The good news is that the forecast for Monday is a snow storm - yay for a white Christmas!

Oh, and rkowhore79 ?  I have already shopped at Walmart! 


Dec. 8th, 2008 05:19 pm (UTC)
First day here, baby - we were at WalMart!

Man, how much do I love that place? The prices are crazy insane, which I gotta love. Gonna be back there, as well as checking out Penningtons and Zellers, which are WalMart style stores here in the frozen north.

I gotta hope they got a good stash of WWE stuff too. Got me a hankerin' for a 'Taker hoodie ;-) Or maybe that's 'Taker in a hoodie? Either way, it's allllll good!