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In which a shocking secret is revealed!

So, this is me updating from work instead of working – because I can’t quite get my head into work space, given it’s my second last day before going on vacation and a week before I fly out to Canada for my first trip there.

It occurred to me that I haven’t updated in a while, and there are some random things worth noting.

I guess the biggest news, and the thing I’m proudest of, is the post-surgery update. Still dropping weight, to my delight – latest numbers are that I’ve dropped about 21 kilos or 46 lbs, in just under 3 months. But even more than that is that I’m smaller than I’ve been in years, regardless of the actual number of kilos I’ve lost.

At the recent staff week, which I blogged about a while ago, the cameras were out in force because this organisation is obsessive about documenting staff get togethers. And to my surprise, when I looked at the photos, for the first time in years I was not unhappy at how I looked.

Yeah, sure, I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I was looking much better than I had in what feels like forever. More surprisingly, I wasn’t in agonies of embarrassment that those photos even existed, which has been my most common reaction to photos of myself.

Our comms officer in our project is finishing up with us this week, to move on to greener pastures, and I was keen to get her to take a photo of me before she left. Mostly so she could update my picture on our website, because I was unhappy with the one that was there, but also because a lot of my colleagues have been saying that they want photos to record how much better I am looking every week.

In fact, I just ran into someone in the kitchen who I haven’t seen in a few weeks, and she was just effusive about how wonderful I was looking – have to admit, I did make more of an effort today, because I knew I would be having my photo taken, but even so, it was nice to hear.

Even the wonderful women I work with every day compliment me – particularly since I am now wearing clothes to work that I haven’t been able to fit into for years, so I look like I have a whole new wardrobe!

Actually, I need to check the fit of those clothes more frequently, because I found two dresses that are now on the verge of being too big and I’ve only just found them again! This was on top of having to try on all my winter clothes from when I lived in Canberra – which I had packed away because I didn’t really need them in much warmer Brisbane, and of course, because I didn’t fit into them anymore.

The good news is that I have quite a dashing wardrobe of dressy clothes that I once again fit into and which will be good for a Montreal Christmas – and good for my ego, knowing I can be very well dressed when I’m there!

Anyway, I had my photo taken this morning, and K was delighted with the results. And since I have had a V energy drink this morning . . . well, caffeine + guarana + artificial sweetener = Evil Overlord on crack! I was laughing and saying I should have worn my devil horns for the photo – yes, I have devil horns on my desk, why do you ask? They go so well with the nameplate that reads “Evil Overlord . . . but you can call me Mistress”! ;-)

So K messed about in Photoshop and then emailed the results around the office . . .

And I mean . . . wow. The first photo was taken six months ago, and while I loathe how I look in it, I’ve included it to show how much of a difference my surgery has made to my appearance already.

Comments like “glowing” and “incredible” have been coming my way as people have seen these photos, and that’s from people who see me every day. I’m half tempted to send them to my surgeon’s office, I’m so proud of them. And I’m so proud of me, too!

I’m sure you’ll all forgive me for blowing my own horn!

In other news – oh my god, I fly out in a week to Canada! This is my first overseas trip in 25 years and yeah, I’m excited and a little nervous. But mostly really focused on all the preparation and planning, so I’ve been a bit quiet on the comms and LJ front of late.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned that we discovered that on Air Canada flights, the seats are equipped with a plug to allow you to run your laptop inflight. No internet access, unfortunately – although that’s apparently coming in like Spring next year.

We had already planned on taking my laptop with us, so we had computer access while away. It’s a top of the line ASUS (well, it was when we bought it in March!) and has a graphics card so my other half can play computer games on it – very important, of course!

It’s a 14 hour flight to Vancouver, and then a five hour flight to Montreal, so even taking time for sleeping and watching inflight entertainment, it’s likely he’s gonna want to play some games to pass the time.

Which would interfere with my desire to spend lots of time writing! While my imagination is helpfully plotting and developing scenes, I lack the necessary concentration to actually commit these scenes to (virtual) paper at the moment. I do figure once we’re on the plane, and all that remains is the extended travelling time, I might do better. That’s my hope, anyway!

But, as I said, if the other half is busy killing things in a computer game, I can’t be writing. And of course, while we’re actually there, there was going to be the same thing – him wanting to play games, me wanting to be online or writing.
I had been looking at laptops out of idle curiousity recently, as[info]panthology was considering purchasing one, and realised that they’d come down a lot in price. So I broached with the other half whether we might look at a cheap laptop for the trip, and then afterwards, for me to actually carry with me around town. The ASUS I have is pretty big and not exactly portable. Plus it’s hooked into the laptop stand and the printer and all that jazz in my office.

We agreed to look around – he actually suggested buying one in Canada, but I wasn’t keen. I mean, if something goes wrong, how do I take it back to the place of purchase?

And that’s when we found the ASUS EeePC – the cutest little netbook on the planet! A teeny weeny little laptop, perfectly portable, and so utterly adorable! [info]panthology had also bought one, which was why it caught my eye in the store. It was a little more than we intended to spend, but hey, you only live once, right? Besides, the guys at our local computer store love us (mostly because we’ve spent like $12000 there since we moved here two years ago!) and they gave us a great deal.

So, it’s mine! And it’s been named Wall-E . . . even has an appropriate namesake pic on the desktop, with Windows colour scheme to match! ;-)

I’ve been busily transferring music files to Wall-E, so I can have my soundtrack on the flight, and shall likewise cram it with inspirational photos, since I won’t be able to surf the ‘net for hotness until we’re on the ground again.

We’ve also brought a new camera for the trip, and since I’m happier with how I look, I’m hoping to be able to post some holiday snaps while we’re away. Maybe even some video – since not only does the camera do video, but Wall-E has a cam too! Video blog on the plane, maybe? ;-)

Okay, now I really do have to get some actual work done . . .
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