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How much am I loving Raw right now?

Maybe it's coming off the back of that incredible live event, but man, Raw really seems to have kicked it up a notch for me in recent weeks.

First, the incredible antics of the "one night only" reunion of DX. I've never laughed so hard! And I also loved how it was so damn clear that Shawn and Trips are the best of mates, and that they are doing something they absolutely love!

Favourite line of the night - when Trips agrees to Shawn's "executive decision" to include the Boogeyman in DX (and oh man, the look on Shawn's face when he had the worms in his mouth . . . priceless!), "What the hell, get in line. You can never have enough nerds, freaks and weirdos, you know what I'm saying?"

And then the Great Khali comes out, and Trips says, "Okay, I spoke too soon!"

The spot where Shawn brings out the "DX dancers", and Trips asks if it's gonna be cool, and Shawn responds, "I'm a father of two, I know (some kid's character) and Dora the Explorer, I don't know cool!" Man, those two crack me up - specially since Trips made the mocking reference to the writer's strike earlier - "I don't think anyone writes this crap - they're all on strike." Followed by a smirk and "But we're not!"

Okay, now I'm just rabbiting on, but believe me when I say I've still got that ep of Raw on the iQ and I am gonna be re-watching for the giggles!

And last week's bombshell - the return of the Sexy Beast, Y2J!! Now, maybe I'm dense, or maybe I spend too much time using the fast forward button and not enough time on the WWE website, but I'd kind of forgotten about that weird code teaser thing, cos I swear I only saw it a few times. And yes, I wasn't around much when Y2J first joined the WWE, so I probably missed the similarity.

When they showed the shot of the mysterious guy blocking Orton's torch carrier, I had no damned idea who it could be, except that whoever it was had a damn fine ass! When they started with the code breaking, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I realised it was Jericho!

Funny thing was, I'd only just recently been thinking about him, and wondering just what he was doing. I'd seen that he'd written a book - gotta love the title, "A Lion's Tale - Around the World in Spandex"! The Baltimore Sun reckons it's better than Mick Foley's "Have a Nice Day" - well now, we'll just have to see about that, because Mick's books happen to be among my all time favourites!

So all in all, happy happy little fanbrat here! Y2J back, which should make things interesting with Orton. Jeff and Trips teaming up, although seeing the two of them shirtless in the ring and backstage last week was dangerous for the drool factor - and brought back great memories of the tour!

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