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So this is me . . .

Waiting for the Valium to kick in before I head off for day 1 of a three day orgy of staff development . . .


I may well have a good time - I mean, today is dress up day with a movie them, and we're doing Grease, so I'm surrounded by poodle skirts and pedal pushers (I myself am wearing pedal pushers and mary janes with bobby socks, and a middy blouse with a pussy cat bow scarf ;-)  ) but I highly doubt it.

I've got way too much real work to be done to miss an entire week out of the office.  I'm going to have to see if I can get things done in the hour or so I have in the office before heading off to this extravaganza.  Because I am not coming back to the office after the day's over - you'd be reading about me in the papers if I had to do that, under a headline featuring the words "crazed" and "massacre"!

The really crappy news is that I won't have access to email or LJ all day, so my occasional sanity breaks to see what's going on in twistofcharisma  or bros_destruct  or de_generationx aren't going to be possible . . .

By the time I get home, I'm seriously gonna need me a Kane and 'Taker fix!  Thankfully, my darling rkowhore79 has spammed me with a bunch of links to cool pics to drool over - thanks Bella! 

Okay, now I gotta go actually try and get some of this work done, while learning the new lyrics to "Summer Nights" . . . jeez, some of those links better be to naked pics, Bella - I think I'm gonna need 'em! ;-)
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