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-dies laughing-

Okay, was just chatting with a friend online who I haven't spoken to in ages, and turns out that she had her gallbladder out in January, so we were kinda comparing notes.

And she fuckin' floored me with this little gem:

Her: apparently
Her: your gallbladder processes semen
Her: cuz if I swallow after a BJ now, I get sick lol
Me: -falls off the chair laughing-

Now, I haven't had the opportunity to test this theory for myself, but it may well be that I need to change my icon - but somehow, "I deepthroat . . . but I don't swallow" just don't have the same punch, yanno?

-mad snickering-  Wonder if Kane would just give me a pearl necklace if I asked nicely?  ;-)
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