Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

Well now I am SERIOUSLY pissed!


A big thank you to Meg Snow for alerting me to the blatant theft of the first three of my stories from "Adventures with the circus" series!

A charming person with the pen-name "dasiyd" saw fit to take all three of them and post them on as her own work. She even stole the titles - except in the case of the third one. I'm assuming that's because she didn't understand "Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in". She called it "Fear".

Funny, the woman can't even spell her own pen-name correctly - I'm assuming it was meant to be "daisyd" - her profile bio is likewise full of spelling mistakes, the story summaries are mis-spelled, but yet the articulate, well written stories that she posts - complete with really stupid chapter headings - we're meant to accept as hers.

Here's the link to her profile on daiysd - feel free to jump on over there, if you have an account with them, and leave her a review. Better yet, report the abuse - not only are they not her property, but she's rated them "Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes." Um, hello? I don't fucking think so!

I'm hoping that within 24 hours that profile will cease to exist - but I hold little hope that really cares about plagiarism. If it's still there tomorrow - they can expect me to deluge them with reports of abuse until it is removed.


-chuckles- Okay, so yesterday, I sent daiysd a message via

Your theft of three of my stories has been reported.

You also failed to rate the stolen stories correctly, and this has also been reported.

Think again before you rip off someone else's work.

This morning, I get this response to my message:

wich storys?

W.T.F? How many has she fucken stolen? How do you not know which stories you've copied from someone else's page and posted as your own?

The reviews I left on each of the stolen stories essentially said:

This is not your story - it's mine. Your blatant theft of it has been reported.

I also got a reply to one of those reviews:

you know what i'm sorry and i'll delete it

And she has - all three of them are gone.

Nothing at all received from though - which is about what I thought might happen.

To anyone who might have gone to the site and left reviews or made complaints - thanks!

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