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Doesn't this strike you as rather desperately random?

Just wanted to mention two things today that have made me laugh, which is no mean feat considering the other crap that's been driving me nuts.

The first is something I heard on the radio as I was getting ready for work.  They have a contest going for something called a "$10,000 Celebrity Fantasy". 

Now, I think they're planning on giving away the cash so you can do something in the manner of a celebrity.  An over the top party on a yacht, for example.

My initial thought was, "Wow, I wonder if I could rent Kane, 'Taker and a hotel room with a kingsize bed  for $10,000?" -grins-

And if they want me to do it in the manner of a celebrity, then chuck in a video camera and I'll let the footage "leak" onto the internet!  ;-)

That little thought's been sustaining me through an incredibly trying morning!  I should be wearing my button that says "I'm smiling - that alone should scare you"!!

The second thing is that one of my colleagues just sent through two text messages that, hands down, win the category of "Most gratuitous use of the word 'fuck' in a text message" and should probably go into the Guinness Book of Records for the number of times fuck can be used in two text messages, other than simply texting "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck . . ." - well, you get the picture!

There was much hilarity when we got the first one, which was duly read to those of us in the office, where she was lamenting the transport system to get to the airport. 

When the second one arrived, from the airport, lamenting the system that required her to queue twice . . . well, let's just say it's pretty clear she's having a worse afternoon than any of us!
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