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I've been tagged!

But because it was by rkowhore79 , and because it is her birthday tomorrow, I guess I'll do it! ;-)  Love ya, chica!

I miss.....Canberra autumns

I want.... to be a full time writer

I love.... my friends

I am... who I am, take me or leave me

I can.... fly from the inside

I way for a time, but I'm better now

I remember.... lots of things

I see.... a very disorganised study, and a sleeping cat

I hear.... 30 Seconds to Mars "A Modern Myth" and earthmoving equipment

I like... all kinds of things!

I don't..... ever want to grow up

I won't.... let this chance pass me by

I fear.... the unknown

I can't... think "I can't"

I listen.... to the voices in my head too!

And I won't tag anyone - but if you're feeling inclined, go right ahead!
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