Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

Office amusement from the Evil Overlord

Otherwise known as "June is bored and doesn't want to do the two boring, tedious, batshit annoying tasks currently staring her in the face"!

So, with this whole weight loss thing, the girls in my office are, as I've said before, wonderfully supportive and generally very interested in the whole process and the lifestyle changes.

In fact, there's been talk of a ten week challenge, to see who can lose the most weight.  I have called that unwise, because I do have an unfair advantage!  But, regardless, the girls who do want to lose a few pounds have been very interested in my eating plan and we've been having great discussions about food and nutrition.  We've even found a place that lets you build your own salad, and you can fax in your orders and get them delivered free if more than six of you go in together - yay for healthy salad days!

Last week, the conversation was around breakfast foods, and one of the things I learned both in my diabetes education and with my dietitian more recently was the importance of protein and complex carbohydrates in meal planning.  They're the things that fill you up (or make you feel full) and that are broken down most slowly into energy, so they keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Anyway, someone here was musing on going out to get something for morning tea, and one of the girls chimed in, "But I'm not feeling hungry.  I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast."

Quick as a flash, one of the other girls came back with, "Yay for complex carbohydrates!"

I was very chuffed, and said, "Oh, that's so nice - you listened to me!"

Oatmeal girl (-snickering-) gave me a cheeky grin and said, "Of course we listened to you, June - we're afraid not to!!"

My response?  "My work here is done."

Cue general laughter - it's good to be the Evil Overlord!

Now, I guess I really am going to have to get working on one of those two exciting tasks.  I need my MP3 player for this . . .

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