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Six weeks post-op

I saw my surgeon for my first band adjustment today.  Another 5 kgs (about 10 lbs) bite the dust, and he is supremely delighted that I've been able to do this with an empty band - he even wondered if he'd perhaps actually put a few ccs of saline in the band when he fitted it!

(Okay, if you aren't up on gastric banding, perhaps this link will explain what I'm waffling about!)

 Checked the notes and - nope!  So go me!! XD!!  He was so excited about this - and about the fact that I haven't taken any medication for my diabetes since the surgery, and my morning fasting blood sugar is well within the range you aim for when you're on medication - that he wanted to have me interviewed for an article he's having submitted for a publication for general practitioners about gastric banding surgery and the results.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), the deadline was too close for that to be possible.  He was very disappointed when the hospital's marketing people told him this!

The adjustment was a bit owwie.  While I can feel the "port" under my skin, there's a bit of difference between "Oh!  There it is!" and "Right, let's hold that sucker steady while we stick a big needle in it!" 

We experimented - no go lying down, finally worked with me standing up and arching my back while holding tummy muscles in a clench.  (Why does that sound like poorly written porn? -snickers-) 

I have 4ccs in the band now, and man, I could feel it straight away!  Back to having a tummy capacity of like a tablespoon immediately.  I had to sit and drink a glass of water, and I was feeling a bit thirsty (left my water bottle in the car like a doofus!) but I couldn't do much more than sip at it.  And listen to odd gurglings from the tummy, which is the sign that liquid is remaining and not sluicing straight through. 

So, back on the liquid diet for two days (not one, as the dietitian told me), then moving on to soft foods and then gradually back to normal food. 

Best news is that he doesn't want to see me again for another 3 months, which is about when he expects that we might need to adjust the band again!  Oh, if I start to feel like I can "eat anything and everything and still feel hungry" within the next month (unlikely, but just in case), I can go back and have the band filled a little more. 

But he's not keen to have it too full for me when I'm going overseas - going to be in Canada for a month from early December.  THe tighter the band is, the more chance of something "sticking" in the opening from my baby stomach to my normal stomach - not life threatening, but requiring medical attention to take some saline out of the band to loosen it, and not something you want to have to try to get done in an overseas hospital with a strange doctor. 

He laughed and said he was thinking of Canadian steak when he talked about things getting "stuck" and was very pleased when I told him that wasn't going to be on my menu anyway!  I heard what the dietitian said about how much you have to chew steak - as in, like three times as much as you chew anything else, and then double that just to be sure!

 Then I had a chat with his receptionists, who are such a credit to his practice - they're so supportive and kind!  As the senior girl said to me today - she thinks I'm looking beautiful, and she can say that honestly because she has seen me in the "before" phase and now in the very happy "after" phase!

But there is one silly little thing I have to add - my surgeon shares rooms with a Dr Bingley, and I had a little giggle at his name the first time I was there, remembering "Bingley" from the excellent BBC series of "Pride and Prejudice"  (Colin Firth as Mr Darcy FTW!). 

Well today, I actually saw the inestimable Dr Bingley, and damned if he isn't a dead ringer for Bingley, except his curly hair is brown instead of blonde!  I wondered if anyone else had ever noticed!!

Oh well, it amused me, anyway - even if we all know I'm easily amused! ;-)
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