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Fanfiction work in progress - Fireworks (part 26/?)

Features: Undertaker (Mark Calaway)
Rating: NC17 for language and sexual situations Usual disclaimer - own nothing but my original characters, all the other people own themselves, WWE owns the trademark names, I'm doing this to exercise my creativity and for the sheer pleasure of writing. Ask my therapist!

Thanks so much for the feedback so far - so glad to know people are enjoying the story!  


Lizzie had chased them out of the kitchen right from the start - first to cook breakfast, and then to clean up. However, she was disappointed to see that after breakfast, it didn't push them into spending more time together. Mark disappeared into the master suite and Harley to the guest room.

She reappeared a little while later, taking her laptop and cellphone out onto the porch with her after her shower. Lizzie wasn't too thrilled with that, particularly when Mark didn't join her, although she suspected he was working out when the master suite doors remained closed. However, she did have one last trick up her sleeve - and she had to hope that Mark would use his brains and take Harley out on what would be their last afternoon in Texas.

Harley had spoken to the travel people, and they'd gotten her booked on the same flight Mark was taking to Baton Rouge in the morning, and confirmed her hotel bookings for the rest of the week, and her flight home. Then she'd called Bob to let him know she'd be back at work the next day, although on light duties until her abdominal incision healed completely in about six weeks. Bob reassured her that they could definitely work around that limitation, and told her he'd see her at the venue the following afternoon.

She was checking her email when her cell rang, and she picked it up.

"This is Harley."

"Hey Harley," came Jeff's voice. "How are you?"

She leaned back in her chair, lifting her feet to the chair beside her. "I'm pretty good. Where are you calling from?"

"Just got into Charlotte and was wondering if you felt like some company. I can be there in a couple of hours."

"I'm not at home, Jeff."

"You're still in the hospital? Aw hell, Harley, why didn't you call me? I could have come home via Houston and brought you with me!"

"I'm not in the hospital, either."

"Then where are you? he asked, a little confused.

"Um, I'm staying with Mark at his place."

There was a long silence. Finally, Jeff spoke.

"Okay. Totally didn't see that coming!"

Harley couldn't help her chuckle. "He offered as a friend, and I accepted."

"And you haven't killed one another yet?"

"Hey, we've been getting along just fine of late!"

"That's true. So, what does Mark do on his time off?"

"Well, yesterday we went fishing."

"You went fishing . . . with the Undertaker?" Jeff said slowly, and then burst out laughing.

She joined in a moment later, even as she protested. "It was very pleasant!"

"I'm sorry, Harley. It's just the mental image!"

That settled it - there was no way she was telling Jeff about slow dancing to Gershwin. Besides, that part of her relationship with Mark was private, and she thought she might like to keep it that way.

"So, you gonna be back at work tomorrow?" Jeff asked.

"Yep. Flying into Baton Rouge tomorrow morning with Mark, so I'll be at the venue from noon, I suspect."

"You sure you're well enough?"

"I'm not gonna be climbing ladders or lifting stuff for six weeks, but yeah, I'm well enough to do paperwork and supervise my crew."

"Okay. Well, if you're not at home, I guess I can just hit the road for Cameron."

"I appreciate you offering to come visit, Jeff, even if I wasn't home," Harley said with a smile.

"Any time, Harley - you know that." She could hear the smile in his voice.

"Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but we probably won't be getting in til mid afternoon. As it is, I'm barely going to have time to turn around at home before I have to leave again."

"Wasn't it you who told me once that it wouldn't hurt me to take a few days off occasionally, Jeff?"

He chuckled. "Point taken. But it was a special occasion, for the Make a Wish Foundation."

"I can see why you didn't say no, then. Drive safe, Jeff, and I'll see you tomorrow."

"You know it, Harley."

She closed her cellphone and set it down on the table, and went back to her email, replying to one from Ben Martin about the new pyro shells. Mark watched her for a moment from the kitchen before opening the door and coming out onto the porch. At the sound of the door, she turned to see who was there, smiling at him. He wore jeans and a chambray shirt loose over them, and he came over to where she was sitting, leaning down to kiss her cheek.

"You get your travel arranged, Kate?" He took a seat on the chair beside hers.

She nodded. "On the same flight as you, even, which makes things easier."

"Yes, it does." He reached out and stroked his hand over her hair gently. "So what are you up to now?"

She almost purred with pleasure at his touch, a little surprised at how much she enjoyed it, and then forced herself to respond to his question. "Oh, I was just letting Ben know about those new pyros shells. Other than that, I'm all done."

"So, could I tempt you to come out for a while? Maybe take a ride on a bike with me?"

"I like that idea, Mark," she smiled. "Let me just take my laptop in the house, okay?"

"Take your time, Kate. There's no rush - we've got all day to spend together," he smiled.

She leaned in to kiss him lightly. "I like that idea, too."

She closed up her laptop and carried it and her phone back into the house as Mark leaned back in his chair. When she returned, she was wearing a denim jacket over her jeans and t shirt. Mark rose to his feet, smiling, his hand brushing over her hair again.


Harley nodded. "Lead the way."

Mark draped his arm around her shoulders, leading her off the porch and along a stone walkway that curved around the end of the house. The large garage sat apart from the house a little way, and Harley looked around as they entered. Apart from Mark's truck, the rest of the six car garage was filled with bikes of all kinds.


Mark pulled a bandana out of his pocket and tied it on, smiling at her reaction. "I have a weakness for them."

Harley could only marvel at the custom paint jobs on some of the bikes as she wandered around them. "They're beautiful."

"Ever ridden passenger on a bike before?" he asked, reaching for a battered leather vest and putting it on, taking a pair of sunglasses out of the pocket and putting them on, pushing them up to his forehead.

She nodded. "Never on one as nice as these though."

He selected a set of keys from a board of them, walking over to a gleaming black Harley Davidson with a raked front end and ape hanger handlebars. He inserted the keys and turned to look at her, taking in her relaxed fit jeans, but then his forehead creased in thought.

"Kate, you going to be able to climb aboard this thing?"

She chuckled, coming to stand beside him and looking at the bike. Bending down a little, she pushed down the passenger foot peg with one hand then gave him a grin as she straightened. "So long as I can hang onto your shoulder when I do, I'll be fine."

He nodded, leaning down to kiss her lightly before swinging his leg over the bike and settling himself into position. She waited until he had switched on the ignition and turned the engine over, smiling at the deep throated roar and putting on her sunglasses. Mark used a remote control in his vest pocket to open the garage door and then signalled to her to climb on.

She rested on hand on his broad shoulder and lifted her workbooted foot to the footpeg and pushed up, swinging her leg over the low passenger backrest before settling onto the seat. Once she did, she used the heel of her other foot to kick down the footpeg on that side and she shifted a little, getting comfortable, before tapping his shoulder to let him know she was ready.

Mark shifted position, balancing the bike upright before booting the kickstand up. This was the moment he would know if Harley had told him the truth, and to his relief, and pleasure, she seemed perfectly balanced behind him. He put the bike in gear and released the brake as he opened up the throttle, and Harley kept her hands on his shoulders as they moved off at slow speed along the drive that led back to the main road. As he brought the bike to a stop at the gates, he could feel Harley shift with him and grinned.

He pushed his own sunglasses down and turned to smile over his shoulder at her. Her hands moved then from his shoulders to wrap around his waist. He patted one of her hands, and then gunned the throttle, roaring out onto the road a moment later. Her hands tightened around his body, not in panic, just holding on more securely, and he couldn't help his grin.

He loved being out on the road on one of his bikes, and he had to admit, feeling Harley's arms around him was just adding to his enjoyment of it. He took the highway, heading north to the Huntsville State Park. That was one of his favourite destinations, as well as being a great ride along the way. Once they reached the park, he followed the road in to the shores of the lake, parking the bike in the almost deserted parking lot near one of the boat ramps.

Harley moved her hands up to his shoulders again as Mark brought the bike to a halt. Once he had the kickstand down, she rose to her feet on the pegs and swung her leg backwards off the bike, stepping down lightly, giving him a wide grin as he turned to look at her. He rose to his feet and dismounted the bike, returning her grin.

"That was just brilliant, Mark!" she enthused, stepping close to him and hugging him around the waist.

His arms went around her, holding her close. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Kate. I know I did."

They walked over towards the lake, Mark's arm around her shoulders, her arm around his waist, before sitting together on one of the benches facing the water. Mark ran his fingers through her hair, smiling at her.

"You make a pretty good passenger, Kate. Might have to keep you around."

She grinned. "Gonna make me your biker bitch, huh?"

He stared at her and then grinned, shrugging. "You're a pretty hot mama at that. But no way in hell am I gonna make reference to you riding that bitch seat like you were born to it."

She threw back her head and laughed, but she didn't resist when he pulled her closer and planted a line of kisses down her throat. Her hands came up to his shoulders, caressing him, as her laughter faded to a soft moan of pleasure at the touch of his lips. He trailed them back up her throat and nuzzled behind her ear.

"I don't want to make you my biker bitch, Kate. But making you my woman sounds pretty good to me," he murmured.

Her fingertips stroked over the back of his neck. "I have to admit, making you my man is becoming a very appealing prospect too, Mark."

He chuckled softly, his lips nipping at her earlobe gently. "Should have known you'd insist on equal ownership rights, you mule."

"Like I'd let you bully me into anything else," she tried to scoff, but it came out sounding more like a moan.

"But it's fun bullying you, Kate. You always put up such a fight. Makes me admire your spirit." His lips moved back to her throat. "Kinda turns me on, too."

She moaned helplessly. "Damn it, you'll be picking fights with me just for the hell of it if that's the case."

"Not just for the hell of it, sweetheart. I'll always have a reason, even if it's just wanting to drag you into bed." He pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his face into her hair.

Her arms went around him, and she buried her face in his chest, giving a soft sound of pleasure as she inhaled his scent, that wonderful warm scent that seemed to bypass every other part of her brain and head straight for the pleasure centers. She'd never met a man who affected her the way Mark did, and it was dizzying, if not a little bewildering.

They sat that way for a long time, before the sound of cars in the parking lot came to them. Mark glanced over and saw a crowd of lunch time picnickers about to descend on the area. He stroked his fingers gently through Harley's hair with a sigh.

"Something wrong, Mark?" Her head came up as she looked at him.

"We're about to lose our peace and quiet. And there always seems to be someone who recognizes me in a crowd like that." He smiled at her. "What say we go find someplace for me to buy you lunch?"

She nodded, smiling back. "Sounds good to me."

Mark rose to his feet, holding out his hand to her to help her up. They headed back towards the bike, which fortunately was at the opposite end of the carpark from where the cars had congregated. Once he had settled on the bike, Harley climbed up behind him, her hands going around his waist straight away.

She leaned in to whisper in his ear as she brought her legs in closer to his body, one hand lightly caressing his abs through his shirt, "You know, this might be the bitch seat, but I feel a whole lot like I'm the one in control here."

He laughed, looking over his shoulder at her. "You keep that up and I won't be responsible for my actions, Kate!" He patted her hand, leaning to kiss her. "But it'd be a helluva way to die!"

She chuckled, nuzzling her cheek to the sun-warmed leather of his vest as her hands tightened around his waist. The bike roared out of the parking lot a moment later.


They had lunch in a quiet bar and grill in Huntsville, and then played a few games of pool before getting back on the bike and heading back to Mark's house. Jake's pickup was still parked outside the garage, and Mark stroked his hand over Harley's hair with a smile.

"I need to catch up with Jake before we head out tomorrow, Kate."

She nodded, leaning up to kiss him lightly. "I might go in the house, take a little nap before dinner, if that's okay."

"Sure thing. Mi casa, su casa," he chuckled.

She left him at the garage and followed the stone path around the back of the house, going in through the living room and heading for the guest room, where she found Lizzie replacing more fresh laundry. She couldn't help but laugh.

"You didn't have to do that, Lizzie!"

Lizzie just grinned at her. "Shug, it's no trouble, honestly. Besides, you're heading out to work again tomorrow - be nice if you could do that with your clothes fresh washed."

"You're spoiling me, you know that? I'll go home to Cullowhee next week and wonder why my laundry isn't magically doing itself!"

"There's a simple cure for that, shug - you just come on back here next week." Lizzie winked.

Harley chuckled, sitting down on the window seat to take off her boots. "I think it might be better if I waited for an invitation first."

"Oh, I think if you hinted, you'd get one, shug."

"Perhaps. But right now, it's probably best if I just go on home like I planned."

Lizzie sighed to herself. First Mark was reluctant to find himself a nice woman, and now that he'd found one, it looked like she was going to be the reticent type. Still, she knew Mark well enough to know that if she pushed him on it, he'd dig his heels in. Man was as stubborn as a mule, when he set his mind to it. But she'd make sure Harley knew she was more than welcome back here at any time. She crossed to where Harley was now standing up to take off her denim jacket.

"Well, shug, I'm certainly going to be sorry to see you go. You've been a breath of fresh air around here, and I can't help but like you for how much you make Mark smile. He's a good man, one of the best."

Harley smiled, a little blush colouring her cheeks. It was pretty clear Lizzie thought she and Mark needed to be closer. "Thanks Lizzie. I've really enjoyed visiting, and you've been so sweet to fuss over me."

Lizzie gave her a hug. "Now, mind you take good care of yourself, and come back and visit again soon. Don't wait on Mark to offer - invite yourself. I think he'd get a kick out of that!" She winked.

Harley smiled and hugged back, but made no promises. It was still early days with Mark - who was to say what would happen? Once Lizzie left, she closed the guest room door and climbed up on the bed, lying back carefully. When she closed her eyes, she could still feel what it had been like to have her arms around Mark as they rode together. She sighed softly as she fell asleep, a smile curving her lips.


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