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Ups and downs

Okies, so today I had an appointment with my surgeon, to check my progress since the surgery (three weeks and one day ago!).

Everything's healing as it should, but the best news is that I've lost 19.8% of the excess weight already!  He's delighted, and I'm pretty damned proud of myself!  He's so pleased, he's asked me to speak as a patient the next time he does a seminar on the gastric banding surgery, which was pretty damn fantastic!  Then he made it better by telling me that he thought I'd make a great speaker, because I was so intelligent, and I had a great attitude, and he thought I could be a good advocate!

On the down side, tomorrow I have to go to a funeral.  My uncle died on the weekend, which is very sad.  I miss him already.  I've been asked to do one of the readings, because my aunt thinks I have a lovely speaking voice.  It's a compliment I'd be just as happy not to get, given the circumstances.  I just want to do Uncle Podge (yes, it's a nickname) proud.

Anyway, because of that, I won't be around much tomorrow (tonight, for the US folks).  But those of you who have joined bros_destruct  will be delighted to know that I've begun planning my first picspams!  May even do my own colour comentary ;-)

So be good to one another, and love your families just that bit extra - you never know what's around the corner.
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