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I love the girls in my office . . . even more!

Today is my first day working in the office since my surgery.

I had planned to be back last week, but I vastly over-estimated my capacity to do so.  There's a world of difference between feeling pain-free(-ish) at home doing very little, and being able to get out and, for instance, walk from the train station to the office.  So last week I worked from home - I had thought ahead to that being a possibility, and had some things with me so I could do just that.

So, today's the day.  Now, they haven't seen me since the surgery.  Actually, they haven't seen me for nearly three weeks.  And thanks to the pre-surgery liquid diet and the post-surgery liquid diet, I've lost 15 kgs (around 33 lbs) in just four weeks. 

I look different.  I feel different too, much more full of energy and now blessedly free of pain from those gallstones.

And the wonderful wonderful women I work with have made today just so great for me.  I've been greeted with hugs and kisses and huge smiles, and loads of compliments and excited questions, and "I can't believe how good you look!"

And they've made it abundantly clear that I have been missed.  Not just missed as in "Great, now you're back and I can stop doing your work as well as my own", but missed as in "I've missed talking to you/seeing you/hearing you laugh."

Man, that feels so good!  Especially when I think of the last five years or so that I spent in my former toxic workplace, where most of that was totally absent.

And just to put the icing on the cake, I was in the ladies room this morning, and ran into a colleague who works in another part of our office (three "rooms" on two floors) who also hasn't seen me since prior to the surgery.  Now, I admitted to the gallbladder surgery openly, but the news about the banding I've kept quiet, mostly just to my team.  So I don't think she knows - she may not have even been aware I've had any kind of surgery.

And her eyebrows went up and she was just gushing about how wonderful I looked, and was it that I had changed my hair. 

Talk about an ego boost!!

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