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Well hell

So, over on a Jeff Hardy community (that I was a member of until about five minutes ago), a big kerfuffle going on.

Apparently, the mods (only one of who I think I've ever seen post) aren't happy about the level of activity on the comm.  As in, there's too much of it.

Picspams are now to be done on a rigid schedule, and you have to get approval to do one.

POTD are no longer POTD, they are  POTPDWNOPABP (Pic Of The Predetermined Days When No Other Pics Are Being Posted).

Likewise, Caption This counts as a pic, thus preventing any other pic from being posted.

Apparently, they don't like pics, particularly since they seem to have seen some of these pics before and object to the repeats.

They've also gone off the brain about the laughing commentary about how much we'd all love to jump Jeff's bones and how sexy he is. 

This is because one of them is apparently a rape victim and finds the use of that word in a joking context offensive.  And that's certainly understandable - but Jesus wept, why didn't she come out and stomp on that the first time it was said, which by my recollection was months ago?  I mean, if it's offensive, it's offensive and you want to stop it the first time you see it!

The other reason they're offended by the rampant fangirling is because they don't think Jeff would like to see that if he was to visit the comm.

Are you fuckin' kidding me?

For starters, having seen a few eps of The Hardy Show, I think Jeff would be more of a fan of the "lusty fangirls having a good time" kind of a comm than some serious ass shrine to, and I quote, "a 31 year old athlete".

And second - who the fuck honestly maintains a community devoted to being a fan of someone in the hopes that they will see it and be impressed?  Um, what are they, 12?  "Community" implies shared spirit and fun, not "this are serious business".

And then, hot on the heels of this massive rules regimen they've seen fit to impose, they've kicked off the new world order with a discussion post on . . . how Jeff's Swanton bomb has essentially gone to shit.

Oh yeah, that's really gonna impress the man if he should stumble across the comm on the 'net!

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