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Ramblings on Unforgiven (take three!)

I wasn't going to. I mean lots of folks have had their say already. But then I watched it for the third time and realised that I was robbing the world (according to LJ anyway) of my unique world view.

So here it is.

Much love for Matty winning the ECW championship, though I would have been just as happy to see Chavo or Finlay take it from Mark Henry (the Miz can piss up a rope for all I care . . . although I gotta say, him and Morrison doing Finlay's brothers last week on the Dirt Sheet was some funny shit!).

So long as the tub 'o' lard was no longer champ, I was gonna be happy. They can toss away the extension to the belt now -snickerfits- It's still an ugly fuckin' title though - part of me is glad my Big Red God retired the sexy red and gold one that looked so fuckin' good around his waist.

More love for seeing Matty and Jeffro backstage after the win - awwww, that was brilliant! Gotta say it though, Jeff got all the looks in that family. Matty's cute, but Jeff's fuckin' smokin' ! And how hot is that tattoo, now it goes all the way over his fingers? Soooo sexy!

Tag team match - meh. I guess it was interesting - sorry, I really can't get into tag matches at the moment.

Had myself a little giggle over Priceless (and what kind of stupid fuckin' name is that, anyway?) - I swear, I thought that Cody's tights read "Property of (something)"!! Made me giggle over the slashiness of it, anyway. And what is it with Cody's mouth? It kinda looks like he's got no tongue or teeth or something - frankly, it freaks me out a bit.

I do think they're onto an interesting idea around this stable of 2nd generation wrestlers, perhaps with Orton as the leader? His own little version of Evolution . . . Ric Flair'd probably want to take him out the back of the woodshed for an ass whuppin' over the way he's acting though -grins-

HBK vs Jericho went about how I expected it to - complete slobberknocker. HBK looked hot as fuck in his jeans and wifebeater - Chris obviously missed the memo that said that an unsanctioned match was as good as a street fight and not to bother getting into his wrestling tights. Although if he had got the memo, I wouldn't have had the giggle over his trunks saying "Save me" on his ass!

That bit at the end, when HBK had him down with the belt around his fist and was whalin' on him? I had the sneaking suspicion HBK was goin' for a hardway on his eyebrow and couldn't pull it off. Must have hurt like a muthafucka while he gave it the good ol' college try!!

And how good was Shawn's post-match reaction, where he was kneeling in the ring, his face working - he spoke volumes without saying a word.

The Smackdown scramble - look, let me go on record here and say I think that the format's a winner. Not all the time, perhaps just one PPV a year, but they were fast paced exciting matches and really gave the guys a chance to showcase their abilities.

The Smackdown scramble - Jeffy fought one hell of a match, and it proved to me he's championship material. Of course, that wouldn't be hard!

Now, about The Jacket . . . I mean, The Brian Kendrick. First off, whose lame fuckin' idea was it to call him "The"? It's just stupid - please cease and desist, or I may be forced to hurt someone.

Second, take a memo to the creative team - that whole "dancing while Ezekial undresses him" routine? IS. SO. FUCKING. GAY. And not in a hot and slashy way. It's just fuckin' sad - it makes him look like a demented fairy. Likewise, cease and desist. Although . . . I'll come back to that in a minute.

-snickers- Um, while we're on the subject of The Jacket (and no, I wasn't impressed by the fact that he has a new Jacket, and this one at least doesn't look like it's three sizes too big for him) - take a memo to Wardrobe. Those short tighty whities? Made The Jacket look like he was wearing a diaper. I swear, when he stared dancing around in the ring in them, all I could think of was Stewie from Family Guy . . . only without the plans for world domination and the smart mouth.

The Jacket actually being an interim champion was a travesty - I still don't get why he's getting such a push. Yes, he's got wrestling talent, but so have dozens of other guys who are languishing without TV time. And The Jacket, despite the new "hip" moniker and the wardrobe, is a long way from being a main eventer. The fact that he got a main event on Smackdown while they wasted a Jeff Hardy match mid-card still baffles me.

And trust me, HBK's got nothing to worry about with TBK - he's a pale pale pale imitation at best. Cheap knock-off more like. HBK never looked so gay dancing, and he's sexy - TBK is just . . . ugh. Cute in a slashy way, but please?

My favourite moment of this match? The Jacket had just interrupted MVP with an impressive drop kick to the face, and was dancing around like a demented fairy at how good he was . . . right up until Jeff clocked him over the back of the head from behind. First rule of wrestling, boy - save the celebrating of your own cleverness for after the bell. But that wasn't the best part - then Jeff did a little demented fairy dancing of his own, mocking The Jacket!! I about peed myself laughing!

Screencap courtesy of the amazing wrestling_caps



In summary, Jeff, Kane and 'Taker are sexy fuckin' beasts, and I would like all three of them gift wrapped and under my tree this Christmas.  I will also take Trips, if he happens to be going spare.  Punk, too.  Anyone who gets me The Jacket will be in a world of hurt.  Just sayin'.  ;-)

Please - check out this version of this entry - - this one's half eaten and 'm only saving it for Tegan's comments! ;-)
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