Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

A picture says a thousand words . . .



. . . and the first ones out of my mouth were along the lines of "Holy Mary Mother of God!". After that, I was reduced to just drooling.

I'm a bit behind on my wrestling - I save it for watching while I'm using my exercise bike, because it inspires me to work harder, and yesterday, I caught the Raw show right after SummerSlam.

I know Trips was on his way back, and I was really hanging out for it. In terms of superstars, in my view, Smackdown's got the pick of the bunch right now (excepting the mountain that walks and kind of talks, the Great Khali -shudders- and Tub'o'Lard Mark Henry) . . . which is why it's kind of a pity that it's Raw who are touring down under later this year.

Don't get me wrong, I was still logging in for the internet pre-sale of tickets five minutes after it started, and the ticket rests securely in my wallet as we speak. I mean, there's Jeffy, and Randy Orton (even if I still can't get what the fanbrats see in him). But it wouldn't be the same as seeing Kane, Batista, Mattie, Rey (and dude, welcome back!!), even Natch.

But I digress. Trips. Back from injury. Didn't see SummerSlam, though I was tempted to order the pay per view. So I caught his return in bits and flashes of the SummerSlam match on Raw and then saw his Raw return.

In jeans and T shirt. Looking daaaaaaaaamn fine. I like the longer hair. I wasn't sure about the full beard. Not until Carlito spit in his face (and man, is that not the grossest thing ever? I mean, what the fuck? Sure Trips spits water, but that's like, in the air, not in someone's face! Ewwww. I bet Carlito's got some pretty heavy karma to work off for all the saliva's he's sprayed in people's faces. Not to mention part-chewed apple - yuck)

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, Trips's full beard. Really wasn't sure about that until the face spit thing. And then, he smiled, real slow and dangerous, and I thought I'd . . . um, died and gone to heaven? Holy fuck!

It's official - that is the only man I have ever seen make a full beard the flat out sexiest thing I could imagine! Stephanie McMahon is the luckiest woman on the planet!

Then he tore the T shirt off and all I could do was whimper. Looking good, Trips, looking reaaaaalllll good.

Maybe Raw just got a whole lot more appealing!

However, Smackdown is probably still edging it out, if only because of the teasers the last few weeks that had me feeling pretty damn smug. I knew they'd bring Taker back! I personally can't wait, though I think they'll stick him with a dog of a storyline with Mark Henry.

Wake up, guys! Kane and Taker have put more bums on seats in the years they've been around than anyone - can you not give them the push they both so richly deserve? I get the feeling that's gonna be pissing me off for months!

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