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I love the girls in my office!

So, I'm hanging in there leading up to my surgery next week, a bit tired and emotional at times - it's a rollercoaster unfortunately.  The girls in my office are wonderfully supportive and caring, even without trying.

This morning, it's just us girls - the boss (who's also really wonderful) is off in a meeting, and we have our mailing person Ben working for us.

I got a call from one of my providers - now, little background here.  The provider is a doctor who lectures in things like behaviour and emotional resilience.  He's . . . well, he's got a radio show, and he promotes himself in a little bit of a rockstar fashion.  Someone from another state wanted to use him recently, and he quoted them for business class air travel - bit steep when we're all not for profits!

Any, Doctor R, as I'll call him - well, we all assumed he was a big bloke like Dr Phil.  Only when I met him, he's this little blonde man with a pretty fair case of short man syndrome going on!!  

Well, our clients love him - it's like a little cult, they all want him to come and speak.  But our project officers aren't quite so jazzed - one or two in particular almost actively dislike him!

So, we were having a discussion about one of his invoices which for some reason hasn't been paid, and one of my co-workers started laughing and complaining that we had to stop talking about him.  I was baiting her and said I couldn't see what her problem was - that I thought he was little and cute.

That caused a serious uproar!!  Someone else said, "Oh, Neph, stick with the wrestlers!" and I just cracked up!  That is sooooo not what I ever expected to hear that from her.

Then it was "You can do what you like with them" which I did have to say was a very dangerous thing to say to me! That caused pandemonium, while I gave them my best Evil Overlord grin.

One of the girls was pleading with us to stop, because she's a very visual person and she didn't like the mental images - again, not the thing to say to me.  Add evil laughter to the evil grin.  Oh, and some mental images of my own that were pretty pornographic but that I didn't share with them! ;-)

Cue much laughter and accusations and snippets flying around like, "I'm seeing Dr R in those little shorts now, thanks very much!"

Completely insane, and a very welcome sanity break.  We now return you to your own mental images - in your case, rkowhore79 , I know it involves getting Jeff naked and doing wicked things to him.  Take pictures - we need a new picspam :-p 


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Aug. 27th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
Hee! And I thought I was lucky, working with a bunch of guys who keep comics in the office and geek out on cosmology and subatomic physics over lunch (we were in the pub today figuring out how to destroy the world with a micro-black hole...)

Glad to hear you're feeling cheered up. Take care lass! :)
Aug. 27th, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)
YAY! Cheeriness! Everybody wins...especially if there's some Jeff!Love to be had...
Aug. 27th, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
i'm sure this Dr. R has got nothing on jeff!!! lol you better not be cheating on our boy otherwise I'm going to have to claim him all for myself!! lol
it's nice to be able to joke around like that with people you work with!!
ooooh...don't tempt me!! lol i have a picspam in the works...indeed i do....in honor of jeff's bday on Sunday.....♥
i think i'm about to just do a random hot guy list right now, though...lol
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