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Finally . . . picture meme part 2!

Part 2!!

11. Pic(s) of your favorite junk food:

I don't actually like any junk food, but my favourite fast food is sushi!

12. Pic(s) of your favorite songs at the moment:

And, um, that's just from one playlist . . . I really really really love my music!

13. Pic(s) of your favorite sport:


Uh huh, stolen totally from rkowhore79

14. Pic(s) of your celebrity crush:

Come on in, sit a spell . . .

Well duh!


I can't believe Jeff's edging out Kane . . . I'm having a weak moment, obviously!

no, it is not my man purse!

Oh yeah baby! You know what's in the bag? My phone number - call me!! ;-)

15. Pic(s) of your fashion style:


Totally boho, all the way. I love how the hippy chick look's come back!

16. Pic(s) of a place(s) you'd like to visit:



17. Pic(s) of something you'd like to do at least once in your lifetime:


I'd like to visit Gallipoli in Turkey for the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day - lest we forget


And I would so love to take a space flight!!

18. Pic(s) of your dream job:

Steph's the boss!

No, I don't want to be Steph (although she is married to Trips and goddamn he's hot!) - I want to work for her in the WWE Creative Team!!

19. Pic(s) of something you can live without:


Mad Max

And yes, he is adorable, isn't he?

20. Any favorite pic(s) you'd like to share!!

Taker's exit 2

'Taker's exit from the live show here in June - that memory is so damn precious to me, even if the picture's blurry cos my hands were shaking so much.

Actually, all the pictures I took from that night are special - you'll find them here:
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