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Part one of the dreaded picture meme!

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1. Answer the questions with your own pics.
2. You can put as many pics as you'd like.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same.
4. Have fun!

1. Favorite pic(s) of yourself


There can be only one! Seriously. I hate getting my photo taken. I'll actually leave the room when the cameras come out. This is the only pic of myself I have ever even remotely liked. Moving on!

2. Pic of your car:

On the starting grid at Bathurst!

Me and my car on the starting grin (number 1 poll position!) at the Mount Panorama raceway in Bathurst, NSW. Happy days!! I'd still be there driving around the track if I hadn't made plans to be someplace for Christmas . . . 5 years ago!

3. Pic of your favorite color(s):


4. Pic of your favorite holiday:


Because Christmas in Australia falls in summer, outdoor lights at Christmas time are my absolute favourite thing about the holidays!

5. Pic of your pet(s):

Mad Max

Meet Mad Max! Evillest hench-kitty - nevermind the tinsel fetish. He likes to sleep on it, okay? He was a baby at Christmas when I got him, and he associates tinsel with happy coming home with mummy time -snickers-

6:Pic of your favorite tv show(s):

All that extra sexy red goodness!



No brainer, right? -giggles-


The original and still the best!

7. Pic(s) of your favorite bands or artists:


Nickelback - love the Chad!


Shinedown - wicked cool rock


Guilty secret . . .


I do have this thing for Canadian rock bands . . .

8. Pic(s) of something that relaxes you:


There must be bubbles, something indulgent to drink, candles, and the supervising pet! Music is also a requirement, books are optional.

9. Pic(s) of your favorite store to shop at:


Australian store selling candles and all kinds of yummy smelling incense and stuff - just walking into the place gets me high!

10. Pic(s) of your favorite drink(s):


Straight tequila kills me now, but this gets me buzzing nicely!


The perfectly chilled vodka martini. A normal martini is likewise acceptable - but it has to be dry to the point of being arid. Simply touch the vermouth bottle to the glass, thanks! -winks-


Coffee! Essential for the morning after any of the above! Or just as the morning heart starter.


Or, on those mornings when it's not a kick start but a defribrillator you need, a Voltage.  Iced coffee mix, skim milk and ice, four shots of expresso and a handful of coffee beans tossed in a blender and served cold.  If this doesn't wake you up, just give it up!

And I'm not tagging anyone, since most of my flist has probably seen it/been tagged already!


Sep. 10th, 2008 07:21 am (UTC)
Mount Panorama was the freakin' bomb!! I loved that place insanely - and yeah, what speed limit? It wasn't til we were at either the museum at Pit Lane or one of the wineries that someone warned us about how the cops stake the place out to catch revheads who wanna test out the track.

Lucked out, but I have to say, going across Skyline, even at a moderate speed, had me scared shitless! That is some unforgiving road, right there.

Check out dusk.com.au - they're in most states, but probably only capital cities.
Sep. 10th, 2008 07:23 am (UTC)
LOL We lucked out too. Thank God.

I will check it out, but I live 600 km north of Brisbane.