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Part one of the dreaded picture meme!

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1. Answer the questions with your own pics.
2. You can put as many pics as you'd like.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same.
4. Have fun!

1. Favorite pic(s) of yourself


There can be only one! Seriously. I hate getting my photo taken. I'll actually leave the room when the cameras come out. This is the only pic of myself I have ever even remotely liked. Moving on!

2. Pic of your car:

On the starting grid at Bathurst!

Me and my car on the starting grin (number 1 poll position!) at the Mount Panorama raceway in Bathurst, NSW. Happy days!! I'd still be there driving around the track if I hadn't made plans to be someplace for Christmas . . . 5 years ago!

3. Pic of your favorite color(s):


4. Pic of your favorite holiday:


Because Christmas in Australia falls in summer, outdoor lights at Christmas time are my absolute favourite thing about the holidays!

5. Pic of your pet(s):

Mad Max

Meet Mad Max! Evillest hench-kitty - nevermind the tinsel fetish. He likes to sleep on it, okay? He was a baby at Christmas when I got him, and he associates tinsel with happy coming home with mummy time -snickers-

6:Pic of your favorite tv show(s):

All that extra sexy red goodness!



No brainer, right? -giggles-


The original and still the best!

7. Pic(s) of your favorite bands or artists:


Nickelback - love the Chad!


Shinedown - wicked cool rock


Guilty secret . . .


I do have this thing for Canadian rock bands . . .

8. Pic(s) of something that relaxes you:


There must be bubbles, something indulgent to drink, candles, and the supervising pet! Music is also a requirement, books are optional.

9. Pic(s) of your favorite store to shop at:


Australian store selling candles and all kinds of yummy smelling incense and stuff - just walking into the place gets me high!

10. Pic(s) of your favorite drink(s):


Straight tequila kills me now, but this gets me buzzing nicely!


The perfectly chilled vodka martini. A normal martini is likewise acceptable - but it has to be dry to the point of being arid. Simply touch the vermouth bottle to the glass, thanks! -winks-


Coffee! Essential for the morning after any of the above! Or just as the morning heart starter.


Or, on those mornings when it's not a kick start but a defribrillator you need, a Voltage.  Iced coffee mix, skim milk and ice, four shots of expresso and a handful of coffee beans tossed in a blender and served cold.  If this doesn't wake you up, just give it up!

And I'm not tagging anyone, since most of my flist has probably seen it/been tagged already!

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