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It just keeps gettin' better!

Okay, so after discovering that smokin' hot, bad in such a good way pic of 'Taker yesterday . . . it's been thoroughly distracting me ever since!

Note - making it your desktop wallpaper really fucks with your ability to do anything on your laptop, because you don't want nothing getting in the way of the rapt contemplation of the pic.  Don't believe me?  Try it - I dare you!

Anyway, this morning, I had to go get a haircut.  Now I like my hairdresser, it's a cool salon, and she does a great job with my hair.  I had forgotten one insignificant little detail about my hairdresser's salon - it used to be a barber's shop.  So all the chairs are old style barber chairs.

I go in, she takes me around to the basin to wash my hair . . . and I see the chair.  Total brain lock down.  I was even wondering what happened to the restraints!

-mad gigglefit-  She must have thought I was insane, because I was standing and staring for a loooooooong moment before I could make my feet move and go climb into the thing!

Talk about being in your happy place!!  My damn brain was splashing madly in a very deep gutter the whole time!

On the down side, the September edition of the magazine has yet to hit the shelves here, but that's okay - I know it's coming!

Then I had to stop at my cell phone retailer, because I can't send text messages on my phone - I rarely use the damn thing, so I never even noticed til the other weekend when I said such crap reception that I assumed that's why it wouldn't send a reply to my best friend.

I hand the phone over so the guy can check the settings, and he immediately sees the wallpaper - Kane and 'Taker from the live event in June - and he's like, "Whoa, that's Kane and the Undertaker!"

Like, dude?  I totally knew that already, okay?  -snickers-

Anyway, I told him I'd taken it at the event in June, and he's like, "Where was that?"

Dude.  Do you live under a rock?  Perhaps it's because we have cable (which not everyone in Australia does, it's wicked expensive, bastards) and I do watch every minute of wrestling they show, but there was saturation advertising there.  And Dave Batista's promotional tour took him onto free to air TV.

He was awestruck by how good our seats had to have been to get a shot that close, and suddenly he's my best friend and calling me "darling" . . . I love how being a female wrestling fan gets you immediate cred with the male of the species!

Snagged a couple of cut price wrestling DVDs too, and was a little tempted by some of the sudden proliferation of wrestling merchandise that K Mart is stocking.  But how come all the t-shirts were in kids sizes?  No fair!  Kids get all the good stuff (see previous ranting on this concerning!

All in all, a very good morning!
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