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List 5 celebrities you would consider having sex with without even asking questions (provided they smelled good).
2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them [5 - 1, 1 is the hottest].
3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4) Supply photos for said people.
5) Tag five people

Oh, you have no idea how difficult this was!!

And I will not apologise for the fact that there are two spots in my top five occupied by more than one person - I can't choose, and you can't make me! ;-p

5. Chad Kroeger

Ah, the Chad.  Fell in love with the man's music along about the time "Figured you out" came out.  He's not everyone's cup of tea, granted, but he's got what I like - tall and lanky, great teeth and he's a musician!  Not to mention being a bit of a bad boy with a wicked sense of humour!


Okay, so it's a two-fer - sue me!  I can't choose between them!  Brendan Fraser is all kinds of scrummy, and I've been a fan since Blast from the Past - gotta love a man who can swing dance like that!  But I loved Bedazzled too - gotta love funny men.  It's probably his role in the Mummy movies that really does it for me, and the reason he's paired here.  Action hero with smarts - oh yeah!  

Michael Shanks is likewise action man with brains, although I first fell for him when he was geeky!Daniel in Stargate SG-1.  He was perfect for Danny-whumping and lots of hurt/comfort action.  Then he cut his hair and developed some muscles and oooh baby - Nepi want!  I've got two autographed pics of the man, and have been in a chat with him, which was totally fangirl bliss, back in the 90s!


John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness.  Holy crap, this guy has it all!  Fell for him totally in Doctor Who (with the Christopher Eccleston incarnation) because he's got that smile, and he's just unabashedly flirtatious with both men and women.  And man, seeing him kiss the Doctor was hot!!!  Loved him in Tochwood (only seen the first season so far, goddamned Aussie TV) and he was likewise hot with David Tennant's Doctor Who. 


Oh come on, like anyone would honestly think Jeffy wouldn't make it into the top five!!

There's just something about him - and I have to say that I first really noticed him in the ladder match with 'Taker for the championship in 2002.  Probably because 'Taker showed him such respect at the end of the match.  Yeah, he's a goof off, and sometimes I wonder about the hair and nail polish, but seriously?  Would fuck him six ways from Sunday, no problems at all!


Another no-brainer!  Of course 'Taker and Kane were gonna top the list, and like  utssq , I can't split 'em.  Whether it's both at the same time, or some kind of alternate nights deal, with Sundays off, I'm takin' 'em both!

Big men - yummy!  I also like the contrasts - 'Taker's tatts versus Kane's beautiful unmarked skin.  I even like Kane bald now, although at the time he unmasked, man was I pissed, cos I do love long hair!  Yep, I'd be a happy camper with these two!

Now I gotta tag people - let's see:  how about faithbyreaper , rkowhore79 , a7xschoolie , reddreams and sheumouna ? 
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