Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

I did it!


 My plans for updating with a work in progress last weekend were derailed . . . because I couldn't decide on a title for either of my latest fics!

I hate when that happens . . . so I had to spend a little time with the muses, coaxing them to come up with something good. Add in my half hour train commute and my MP3 player, and . . . voila! Title!

So, the first of my works in progress is up.

"It's Not Over" is going to be a very long fic, by the time it's done, so it seemed like the best one to start with.

The next chapter is pretty close, so hopefully I can keep updating reasonably regularly. That is, if my other favourite distraction lets me! (Love you baby! :-* )

Oh, and one other thing I just have to mention!

Do you ever wonder what Hulk Hogan is up to these days? Well I can tell you - he's running a roadside produce stall not 15 minutes from my place! -snickerfits-

I stopped in today just because I needed some fresh fruit and supermarket prices are outrageous, and I swear, the guy running it looked like Hulk Hogan with a few of Taker's tatts thrown in for good measure! And he called me "sweetie" as well! It just made my morning!

Anyway, enough of that - here's the link to the fic!

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