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How come kids get all the best stuff?



So, sinwithagrin over on whispernthwind posted a link to Jeff Hardy's page on WWE Kids.

Yes, yes, I know I said that I was utterly and completely focused on 'Taker again, thanks to that picture.  I am, truly!  Focused - not freakin' blind!  The day I don't click on a link or a cut to check out the wonderfully pretty Mr Hardy, just fuckin' bury me, because I'll be dead and just have forgotten to lay down, yanno? ;-)

And don't be comin' at me over the simply awe-inspiring pic of Kane up there, neither.  I ain't givin' up on my sexy big red god, neither.  The picture is posted to make a point - yes, I do have one! :-p

So yeah, I zoomed on over to check out Jeff's page and all I have to say is - cue whining here - why the hell do kids get all the best stuff?

I mean, Jeff's page has a video he obviously made for WWE kids, talking about life, and art and motocross bikes (-notes that for fic later-), with some seriously cool footage which might be from the Hardy Boys DVD for all I know.  But it's way cool, even if the player is like an inch and a half square!

And there's some seriously cool in ring shots too.  Annnnnndd there's Jeff in his own words, in his own handwriting!!  Did you know his worst habit is worrying (man after my own heart!) or that he thinks Edge is the most annoying Superstar?  Well, you better scoot on over there and see what else you didn't know about the Ultimate Thrill Seeker, hadn't you?  Fortunately, you don't have to cross your fingers and swear that you're 12 to access the website.

Anyway, once I got over squeeing over Jeffy, I kinda figured I oughta check out my other favourite superstars, seeing as how I was 12 and only a kid, yanno? ;-)

-mufflesnerk-  There's no made for kiddie video on 'Taker's page - just a montage of his entrances.  And no handwritten questionnaire neither - apparently dead men don't talk!

No vid on Kane either, but hand written goodness - oh lordy yes!  In character, but that's okay, 'cause I laughed anyway!  Secret skill?  Cutting hair!  And totally grossed out by nothing -snickerfits-

However, let me just point out that both 'Taker and Kane's photo galleries include some pics that really are wasted on kids.  Honestly, that one up there -points-  is the sexiest fuckin' thing I've seen lately.  Totally slurpable - to hell with licking honey off Dave Batista's abs, lemme at Kane with the maple syrup!  (Talking about Batista though - man's got the handwriting of a serial killer! ;-) )

As for 'Taker's pics - my god, if you're wanting to take your time checkin' out that body, this really is the place to go!  Whoo, baby - who's a lean chiseled hunk of manflesh then?  

And this is what kids get?  Why the hell aren't the WWE pandering to lusty fangirls, damn it?  Aren't we a key fuckin' demographic?  Aren't we the bunnies paying for your crappy PPVs and buying the expensive seats at your events?  Kids buy diddly-squat, and they're gettin' all this great shit!!  

So not fair!

Oh, here's the link, in case you wanna go and see what I'm ranting about . . . WWE Kids Superstars

Now, I gotta get back to work!
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