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Oh my . . .


you wouldn't like me when I'm mad

So, I'm loving wwegirls - it's so cool to log on to LJ at work on Tuesday and read all about the happenings on RAW from a fan perspective! We don't get to actually see it til Wednesday afternoon down under.

This week's excellent play-by-play brought not only excellent insight and reaction, but the following icon, which I simply fucking adore!! rkowhore79 has excellent taste, even if that icon is . . . disturbing my plots for fanfiction in a big way!

oh.my.god . . . YES!

 Anyway, last night, I caught the last fifteen minutes of RAW while I was making dinner (don't worry, I got the whole show recorded on the iQ ;-) ) and wow . . . Kane is looking soooooo damn sexy!  He seems to have trimmed down a little, because his abs are more defined . . . -whimpers-  

And then he was irate!Kane and it was oh so magnificent - no one can do irate quite like Kane.  Oh baby!

Between that delicious Jeff icon and irate!Kane, I am one happy little fanbrat right now!


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Jul. 10th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
haha sweet :D

i started fangirling when Kane stated screaming XD

haha rkowhore79's icon is gold :P
Jul. 10th, 2008 02:09 am (UTC)
i started fangirling when Kane stated screaming

-gigglefit- Oh I can beat that! I was fangirling while he was heading for the ring! When he started screaming, I think I might have been whimpering!

And that icon is gold and beautiful and makes me have evil wicked naughty thoughts . . .

Which is good, except I'm at work (shhh!) and I can't write them all down! I'm guessing tomorrow might just see me with a big ol' burst of . . . creativity ;-)

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