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Just a quick comment or two on the draft episode of RAW

. . . and because it has been the subject of discussion over on  a7xschoolie's LJ -wavies at Noreen-

Oh, and because my favourite distraction has been hanging out for me to be done with work this week because he has, um, "plans" for us . . . ergo I shall not have much time to write anything, I suspect!

Anyway, watched RAW tonight.  And I wanna say two things.

One - it was definitely Trips who said "Jesus Christ" both times during the whole Vince's "accident" dealie.  Shawn was there too, but I'm damned if I could tell you what he said because I was distracted-ed by how good Trips looked in that red t-shirt, and how he was all sweaty and sexy as fuck.

Two - Kane looked, dare I say it, kinda cute in that red RAW t-shirt.  I mean, at first, I was shocked - I love him all half-naked and sexy as fuck, but once I got over my "OMG, you put a shirt on him?  How dare you!", I was kinda liking it.  Who knew Kane could be sexy wearing clothes?

Oh, and one last thing.  To paraphrase one of my favourite movies, The Princess Bride (You killed my father, prepare to die - Inigo Montoya FTW!), I do not envy Batista the headache he must have woken up with after that massive headbutt collision with Edge.  Cos - ouch, that hadda fuckin' hurt.  And he was well and truly out of it for the next few minutes too.  I swear, my head is aching in sympathy!
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