Nephthys (nephthys_abode) wrote,

It's a damn funny way to get inspired!


Who'da thought that really crappy wrestling fic could inspire me to write even more than actually watching wrestling does? 

-snickerfits- I was idly surfing on the web today and ended up at a site called the Wrestling Crypt, and damn, it sure is!! I mean, I know they probably call it the Crypt for the whole spooky other-worldy kinda ring it's got, but to me, it was a place where stuff that was putrid and smelly got stuck! 

I musta clicked into half a dozen real Crapapaloozas before I found this one - whaddya know? It's about a female wrestler teaming up with Kane. That is fortunately where the similarities to my fic-in-progress ends! 

I did read, gee, almost all of it before I just got fed up with the shoddy writing and lack of research and two dimensional characters and thought, "To hell with this, I'm gonna go work on my own story!* I like my charas a whole lot better than hers!" (* Actual profanity cleaned up for the sake of potential underage readers!) 

So now I really am gonna go write - I promise! 
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