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Trying something new . . .

Anyone who's been on my website <insert shameless plug> Nephthys Abode <end shameless plug> will know that I am a fan fiction writer.  And also that I write rather long stories!

Now, I have started working on two stories which do lend themselves nicely to being posted on the website chapter by chapter (coincidentally, both Kane/Glenn Jacobs stories), but I'm working on another one that isn't really going to let me do that.  And so I figured I might borrow a leaf from utssq's book and post it chunk by chunk here and then put it on my website when it's finished.

I did originally think it was gonna be just a quick one shot, but my brain just don't work that way, unfortunately.  God only knows where it's gonna end up, but hell, I always enjoy the journey!

Oh, and this one's a 'Taker/Mark Calaway story - because like utssq, I think we all need more 'Taker in our lives!

So, in following posts, we can has fic!

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