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Well fuck

I've only been counting down the damn days to tonight's Smackdown/ECW show for months.  Been checking the results for the shows on the rest of the tour, squeeing like a fan girl at the thought of seeing everyone live tonight.  Sending positive health vibes to 'Taker, just so's I'll get to see him tonight and then this happens.

Yesterday, I start to get sniffly.  Psssh, just a cold, I think.

Yeah right.

Turned into the fucking flu overnight.  I feel like hammered shit this morning, between the lack of sleep and the throat that feels like sandpaper.  Oh and let's not forget the urge to throw up every time I cough.


Instead of spending my day at work, wearing my Undertaker temporary tattoo and counting down the minutes, I'll be spending it in bed, trying to build up sufficient reserves to get me through tonight.  Because I am still going - the ticket cost me $150 and it's a chance to see 'Taker live.  Like I'm really gonna give that up!  I would like to feel healthier going into it though.

So any and all positive health vibes that you can send my way today would be much appreciated!  I've got just under 12 hours to turn this around . . .
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