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On the heels of despair . . .


. . . comes absolute joy! 

My dear friend utssq shared this little piece of news with me this afternoon:

The Undertaker will work WWE's upcoming tour of New Zealand and Australia. WWE is doing an angle where Vickie Guerrero is allowing him to "bid farewell" at the shows. The company is passing it off as The Undertaker was added to the tour because Big Show was removed due to injury. 

I truly had resigned myself to not ever seeing 'Taker live - oh, I know he ain't retiring yet, there might have been other possibilities, but this one chance was so close, and having One Night Stand take it away right when it was so possible . . . 

It's hard to explain how that feels, or how now knowing he's coming makes me feel. 

'Taker is . . . well, he's like a god to me. I really can't put my finger on it . . . except for this, and I know it's gonna sound twelve different kinds of creepy. Deadman 'Taker reminds me a lot of my brother. 'Taker right now . . . he looks a lot like a much younger version of my father, whose been dead for, wow, over 25 years. 

No, it's not some creepy incest thing, honestly. I actually think it has something to do with the redhead thing. 

I read a while back that scientists actually think that redheads are heading for extinction. It has to do with the gene that causes red hair being a recessive one. Meaning that to get red headed littlies, you need two people carrying the gene. 

Which was fine when people didn't tend to move far from where they grew up. Because red head genes tend to cluster in populations - Scotland, Ireland, some parts of France. So you were a lot more likely to meet and procreate with someone who carried the gene, whether or not they actually had red hair or not. That's the beauty and drawback of recessive genes. 

Nowadays, with people moving away much more easily, those red headed "clusters" are far less common. And so the chances of a redhead, or someone with the recessive gene who isn't a red head, procreating with another person who also happens to carry the gene, is much reduced. 

I actually think that red heads are programmed to find other red heads attractive, as a safeguard to make sure that recessive gene keeps on ticking along in the population. Certainly my experience has led me to believe this is the case . . .  

The fact is, 'Taker has long been my favourite wrestler, and the fact they are sending him on this tour . . . seriously, words can't express how that makes me feel. Particularly after I had resigned myself to not seeing him. 

I am sorry that it took Big Show being injured for it to happen, though. I'm liking him more and more - that match with Batista last week had me in stitches! And he was grinning like a happy man the whole way through it, and I thought that it must be really great to have a job you love that much. (Actually I do, and it is great!) 

But gotta say it, like him or not, he ain't gonna have my support going up against my champion Kane! 

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