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'Taker's goodbye?

You know, the very fact that it's taken me this long to get around to discussing a PPV that happened almost a week ago should give you some idea of what I thought about it. 

Let's do a quick recap though, since I'm here: 

Jeff Hardy vs Umaga - falls count anywhere: 

Jeff at his brilliant best. Loved the bit on the stairs, where he slid down the bannister, just because it was silly and reminded me of something from another place (yes, I know that doesn't make much sense, but hell, it made me giggle so I had to mention it). The Swanton off the 18 wheeler was fucking awesome. 

The Diva "I quit" match: 

Who watches Diva matches? If I've got the show recorded, then not me. Sorry, even when it's Beth Phoenix I usually can't be bothered. 

I also object to the bastardisation of the "I quit" match - damn it, those matches mean someone is quitting! Even if it's a kayfabe quit and they turn up again in three weeks!

Singapore Cane match for #1 contender for ECW Championship: 

Entertaining as hell, for the most part, but only because I love Singapore Canes! Reminds me of the bad old days of ECW. Most entertaining bit - seeing Chavo whack that sportstar in the crowd, and then having CM Punk toss the guy the cane so he could get a little of his own back. 

But man, my sympathies go out to Big Show, cos, fuck, that hadda hurt! 

I'm kinda looking forward to him taking on Kane for the championship . . . not that I think he'll win!  

John Cena vs JBL - first blood match: 

Dear God, someone please stop punishing John Cena with these dogs of matches against that no talent JBL! I don't know what sin the poor bastard committed, but I reckon he's paid for it by now! Even if that sin was "The Marine" ! 

Yeah, I watched it a few weeks ago. John's cute, in his rather over-muscled way, and hey, the scenes with him and the little woman when he came home from "the Marines" had some serious heat! 

But I'm looking at the screen and thinking, "By God, this scenery is familiar". And then spotting faces that were likewise familiar. Anyway, if you've seen it, there's the scene where the bad guys are heading into the "marsh"? 

And one bad guy turns to the other and says "What about crocodiles?" 

And the other bad guy says, "There aren't any crocodiles in South Carolina." 

No, there aren't . . . but if you're about to wander off into a good old Queensland mangrove swamp, then it's a perfectly valid question, the answer to which is "There are bound to be crocodiles - watch where you step!" Man, I was laughing my head off at that! 

That's right folks, "The Marine" was filmed in my backyard! All I can say is that WWE Films are more than welcome to come back any time to make some more movies! 

Okay, back to One Night Stand . . . 

Shawn Michaels vs Batista - stretcher match: 

A helluva match. Loved Y2J's interference - the Y2J/HBK 'shippers would have been beside themselves! But go Dave - gotta love the big man's intensity. 

Triple H vs Randy Orton - last man standing: 

I've never made any secret of the fact that I'm a Trips gal. Trips is da shit, if you want my opinion, and he's sexy as fuck to boot. Was I thrilled to see him win? Absolutely! 

It's a damn shame that Randy took that fall wrong and busted his collarbone though - and again, fuck, that must have hurt! Just looking at his shoulder made my stomach knot. Was he pissed about it? Oh hell yeah. But hey, Randy, it happens. You've been pretty lucky so far with injuries, excepting when you first joined the big show. Welcome to the big leagues, kid. 

Edge vs The Undertaker - tables, ladders and chairs: 

Okay. First off, for a guy who hadn't ever done a TLC match, 'Taker was pretty fucking phenomenal in this match. Proof again that he is in brilliant shape, and that he's forgotten more about wrestling than Edge even knows. 

Much as I wanted 'Taker to win, with hindsight I have to say he was destined to lose. This is storyline again, and by God, it better be building to something incredible for the price it's costing 'Taker. 

However, it took interference on two occasions for Edge to win, and that fact isn't lost on most fans. And no one thinks he deserved the win. His comeuppance is coming - and it will be sweet. 

Watching 'Taker's exit damn near broke my heart, even though I know he'll be back. I can't believe otherwise - you don't end a legendary career that way. Not with a man who puts bums on seats the way 'Taker does. 

I am seriously pissed about the timing, as you can imagine. I really did want to see 'Taker live in 10 days. 

And I gotta say the WWE's gonna take some shit about "advertising" him as being part of the tour and then not coming up with the goods, disclaimers about the card changing without notice notwithstanding. They specifically state the Big Show won't be coming because of his injury - why not say 'Taker ain't coming? And take those fuckin' ads off www.wwe.com that have 'Taker and Batista's pics on them! 

I console myself with the thought of a half-naked Kane, CM Punk, Batista, Matty . . . but it ain't gonna be the same without 'Taker. 

One final word about One Night Stand though - okay, two final words. 

First - I want a T-shirt that has a picture of Kane and the words "Kane is the ultimate One Night Stand" . . .  

Second - given the fallout from One Night Stand - Big Show out for three weeks with an orbital fracture, Randy's busted collarbone, and sundry other injuries that probably weren't reported, perhaps the WWE needs to rethink the wisdom of having one night a year where they go "extreme". 

There's a reason the old ECW kinda went belly-up - while there are a segment of fans who love the blood and gore of extreme matches, the reality is that these guys are now very highly paid sports entertainers. Having any of them out for weeks or months with a real injury is a tremendous waste of money. 

More importantly, it's a stupid business strategy to put your biggest assets in that much jeopardy. You lose a main eventer at One Night Stand and suddenly you're having to re-jig the plans for PPVs and storylines for months in advance. Not to mention the money it costs you in lost revenue when people elect not to go to an event or watch a PPV cos your big name isn't featured. 

I know it's gonna fall on deaf ears, but I feel better for having said it. I'mma get down off my soapbox now. 

But just before I go, a word about the draft. 

Hmmm, yeah, probably time for a bit of a shake up. Change is as good as a holiday, as they say. 

I notice Edge and Vicki are gonna get married in 5 weeks . . . after the draft. I smell a bust up in the works - Edge going to Raw, probably. Would be a good end to the storyline, but not before Chavo walks out on the "Familia". 

Other than that, I've not really got any ideas or even preferences. Frankly, I'd like to see Kane stay on ECW, if only because in my opinion he should have a nice long championship run there to solidify the brand. 

Cena needs better competition too, so either move him off Raw or give the poor bastard a break and allow him some decent matches. 

I do like the fact that there's more inter-brand competition now, rather than just saving it for the PPVs. I'd like to see that continue.
Beyond that, hey, I'm happy to be seeing five brilliant hours of wrestling every week! It's all excellent inspiration! 


( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
Well I'm going to go on record right now and catch WWE on a technicality... they said the UNDERTAKER was banned from the WWE. They didn't say anything about TAKER being banned! I hate to get my hopes up, but damn it, I'm hoping he comes back in full biker form, and starts off by totally mauling Palumbo for stealing the gimmick he made a goldmine!

I'm glad I didn't have to pay to watch that PPV....haha I snuck over to my sister's house so it was free for me any way. The whole thing was a big let down, and what the hell is it, not letting the ECW champ defend his belt on the 'ECW' PPV?? That ticked me off more than anything.
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
Well I'm going to go on record right now and catch WWE on a technicality... they said the UNDERTAKER was banned from the WWE. They didn't say anything about TAKER being banned!

Girl, you just proved again why I love that mind of yours!!

Yeah, bring back the American Bad Ass, and show Palumbo just exactly how the biker gimmick is really done! :-D

I know - it was totally weird not having the One Night Stand poster boy wrestle at the event. And no, I don't count seeing him watch the end of the Singapore Cane match on a big screen TV backstage as even "making an appearance"!

Although, you just now my little Kane fangirl heart did do a bit of squeeing at seeing him eve for a few seconds!

By the way, you need to comment more so I can see that icon!! ;-)
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
This icon? lol
I'm gonna have to go digging in my files and find you some more...I have a ton of them on my external hd lol.

I have yet to watch ECW from the other night, except for the last couple of minutes. I had to get just a little tiny fix hahaha. I probably should finish watching that. Oh...and force myself to watch bits of Smackdown. I recorded it last night but damned if I can summon the interest to watch it.

And I like Batista. Really I do. But garrrr...I'm sick of seeing him fight for the belt. Some wit did a blog not that long ago that said over the course of the last 2 years the only people who have fought for the Smackdown belt have been Taker, Batista, and Edge. That's it. 2 years! Blows my mind.

And it would be nice if they would turn Cena heel and move him over to Smackdown. Seriously. I've been waiting for that heel turn for MONTHS now.

Ah...and they turned my Kennedy face. Sad-making for me. I liked him as a bad guy, he does it so well lol
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
Some wit did a blog not that long ago that said over the course of the last 2 years the only people who have fought for the Smackdown belt have been Taker, Batista, and Edge. That's it. 2 years! Blows my mind.

That can't be right - Kane had a brief and abortive shot at it, leading to the feud with Edge that ended with Edge's shoulder injury. Kane as King Comus . . . makes me have urges about the Big Red Machine in New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

And let's not forget that Kane and Batista and the Great Khali had a threeway match for the championship which led to the Great Khali holding it for a time.

I blogged about that, over on the 360 blog under this name - I was ranting about how they bastardised Kane's title shot and then gave the belt to a guy who can't even cut a frickin' promo!

I ain't watched any of the shows this week - I was just so disgusted after One Night Stand. I consoled myself with Veoh TV downloads and my new DVDs. And writing fic - in my version of the WWE, nobody fucks with 'Taker or Kane except for my OCs. And then they at least enjoy it! :-p

Man, I'd never thought of that - Cena might just make a brilliant heel. Ohhh, that bears some thinking on, definitely.

And yes, chickadee - that icon!! He's absolutely fucking slurpable, isn't he? Who'da thunk that I'd actually find bald Kane sexy after my screaming temper tantrum when they unmasked him?
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:53 am (UTC)
oyez....allow me to edit myself here and say that the belt was only defended on PPV by 1 of those 3 guys...and usually 2 out of 3...and as I recall Kane never got his real shot, Edge went down with an injury right before they could have their match, right? Hell...that's been at least a year ago lol. Edge had a pulled pectoral, not a tear, but they made him go bye bye to heal it up. Whatever. It led to even more ridiculous crap.

At any rate, I've only been saying since...ohh....2002...that Kane is being blatantly misused. Everybody says he's one of those guys that doesn't like to make waves, he's too easygoing, blah blah blah. I swear, I WISH I could be a talent manager. And not the fake ones on TV lol but a real one. The guys who deserve it would get a shot. Guys like Khali and Mark freakin' Henry would go back to whatever rock they crawled out from under. And if Big Show wasn't about to face Kane for the ECW belt, I'd go on and put him at #1 to go after Edge. I missed Show lol. Too bad I have to boo him when he fights Kane
Jun. 8th, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
Sing it sistah!

I'm actually really grooving on Show at the moment - if only because he looks like he's having the best fuckin' time at work. Do I love that grin or what?

And that match he had with Batista against the dickheads week before last on Smackdown? Seriously thought I'd fall off my exercise bike, I was laughin' so hard (so much for serious training!). Trading off with chest chops? Even I winced!

Yeah, love him, but he's not got my vote going up against Kane. The belt looks way too good around Kane's waist to be going anywhere soon.

Besides . . . I have plans for Kane and that belt. Big plans. -wicked evil grin-
Jun. 8th, 2008 04:11 am (UTC)
hahaha I'm not even going to say what I'd like to see Kane doing with that belt. Ok, I'll say it. I picture him wearing it and nothing else. lol...I really need to get this fic going, I've had nothing but naughty Kane thoughts in my brain for a week.

I just don't understand, if Show is a SD wrestler, why can't he fight for the SD belt? The boards all say that Vinnie Mac preferred Edge as champ, because Taker is too big to be believably beaten by a smaller guy without interfering...which I guess was proven...But wouldn't giving the belt to Batista amount to about the same? Hell, I like the Matt Hardys and Jeff Hardys and Kennedys just as much as the next person, but honestly, if wrestling were not scripted I could totally see Batista wiping the floor with them. Same for Show. They've pretty much painted themselves into a corner with this one. I HATE Edge as champ. As a matter of fact, I've gotten to the point over the last year or so where I just flat hate Edge. Not the man, since I don't know Adam Copeland, but his character. And it's not a matter or getting heat, which is a good thing. I just....tune out when he comes on TV. I find something else to do til he's gone. Hell, I've gone so far as to turn the channel, especially when he and Icky are out together. That's not good heat. That should pretty much be sending a message of disgust.

Jun. 8th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
Honey, your mind and mine are on the same track when it comes to Kane and the belt! SNAP! -mad gigglefit-

And yes, you should write . . . pretty please?

It's weird though, isn't it? The way things come around in circles. A few years back, you have Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit (God rest his soul) as champs - little guys who you'd seriously think couldn't really pull off a win against the big guys. So we're expected to suspend our disbelief and accept that.

And then they don't think we can suspend our disbelief and accept that big guys can't ever be beaten except by bigger guys?

Vinne, we're not stupid. We know it's all kayfabe. We watch because we accept that, and we love it anyway. The reason we do is because if you give us decent storylines, then we want to believe.

We're no better than little kids in that respect, listening to fairy stories. We want to believe that Jack can beat the giant, that two little kids can outsmart a witch, the evil always gets what's coming to it.

It's when you force piece of shit storylines down our throat that we start gagging on them. Edge and Vicki, for example. That whole thing blows. It's not realistic - if it were, Edge would have dumped the bitch the second he got the title back. Because that's what the heel does.

What he's doing now is just being Vicki's bitch . . . and he's not even fucking convincing at it. The only time he's even remotely convincing is in the ring. When it really is about Edge being a heel.

What they have now is not heat - it's disgust. And for fuck's sake, they made a big deal out of booting Regal cos ratings dropped when he was on screen (and yeah, I know, he was suspended over the Wellness Policy breach), why the hell aren't they doing something to address what has to be falling ratings every time Icky opens her screeching mouth?

I'd send 'em feedback, but when they ignored me when I pointed out the embarrassing spelling mistakes on Superstar Ink (um, dudes, it ain't a tattoo of the eye of "Horace" on MVP's arm . . . it's the eye of Horus. Look it up, dickhead!) then I figured it was another of those lip service things.
Jun. 8th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Yes! I wish Vinnie would make up his freakin' mind already.
I hate the fact that the writers who actually wrote good, entertaining story lines have all been fired for whatever *coughstephanieandtrips* reason. They're replaced by idiots who pretty much do whatever a very few select people tell them to do. It's like they WANT Smackdown to go down the tubes. Not that Raw is any better story wise, but watching SD you have to admit, you get the feeling of going to the fridge thinking something good is there and finding only leftovers from 3 days before.

And that's my analytical analogy for the night lol.

I think I'm going to mosey off to bed while I've still got good Kane thoughts in my head, since I'm pretty sure I could stay up all night talking about this stuff lol.
Jun. 8th, 2008 04:40 am (UTC)
Here's some inspiration for you then!

If Kane is good . . . 'Taker and Kane is better, right?

Sweet dreams!
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